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Apr 9, 2008 04:01 PM

Do you live above a restaurant? How noisy is it in your apartment? [moved from Boston board]

Contemplating a move to a new apartment, but it is located on the 2nd floor immediately above a casual dining restaurant. I wanted to know if you (or anyone you know) lives above a restaurant and has issues with noise (through your floor, windows), trash, valets, etc. coming from the restaurant below....? Granted, noise is a given in an urban setting and compounded by a restaurant, but I wanted to know if it affects your quality of life in the apartment? Thanks a lot for your responses.

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  1. I haven't lived above a restaurant in a long long time. As you make this decision, consider eating in the restaurant so that your meal is towards the end of service. What type of clients are there at closing? what time is closing? Do people come in at the end of the night and drink too much?

    My biggest complaint wasn't the restaurant at all, but all of the drunks outside my window at 1am, and the trash we had on the sidewalk every morning.

    1. What restaurant? Did you already talk with as many neighbors as possible?

      1. Be more concerned about food odors, frying etc., lighted signs.

        1. Sit outside at closing time.....

          1. I think it depends what street it is on. I lived on Hanover St for a year across from Strega and above Cantina Italiana. It was loud but not as loud as the other end of the street, aka the 1st block of Hanover.