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Do you live above a restaurant? How noisy is it in your apartment? [moved from Boston board]

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Contemplating a move to a new apartment, but it is located on the 2nd floor immediately above a casual dining restaurant. I wanted to know if you (or anyone you know) lives above a restaurant and has issues with noise (through your floor, windows), trash, valets, etc. coming from the restaurant below....? Granted, noise is a given in an urban setting and compounded by a restaurant, but I wanted to know if it affects your quality of life in the apartment? Thanks a lot for your responses.

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  1. I haven't lived above a restaurant in a long long time. As you make this decision, consider eating in the restaurant so that your meal is towards the end of service. What type of clients are there at closing? what time is closing? Do people come in at the end of the night and drink too much?

    My biggest complaint wasn't the restaurant at all, but all of the drunks outside my window at 1am, and the trash we had on the sidewalk every morning.

    1. What restaurant? Did you already talk with as many neighbors as possible?

      1. Be more concerned about food odors, frying etc., lighted signs.

        1. Sit outside at closing time.....

          1. I think it depends what street it is on. I lived on Hanover St for a year across from Strega and above Cantina Italiana. It was loud but not as loud as the other end of the street, aka the 1st block of Hanover.

            1. Eat at the place, see if you like the food. If you do, become friends with the owner and get free food because you live upstairs and don't complain to the landlord.

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                Hear! Hear!

                That's what I did. We used to holler down our orders and then get hollered back at when our chow was ready. And I am talking a quite chi chi pooh pooh establishment in a VERY glam part of Aus.

                We'd often get asked down to try new things, too.

                T'was my idea of heaven!

                (but then my bedroom was at the back of the apartment so no real worries about noise and/or lighting)

              2. I'd be more concerned about vermin and roaches than noise.

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                  Yeah, me too. Haven't lived directly above a restaurant but lived seven stories up one. Luckily we didn't have any vermin, but I'd bet we probably would have seen them if we lived right above the place.

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                    These are all good comments. Thanks for the input. Eating there at the last seating is a good call and then scoping out the scene from there. I guess late night (ie. weekdays) is the most important to tell if it will be bothersome. And hey, paul/purple goddess, great idea...trying to score some freebies is not a half-bad idea. Thanks again!

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                      Also wanted to add that I currently live in NYC with tons of restaurants around me. Luckily I live 30-something flights up so I don't have to deal with issues like crowds, vermin, etc. But I will say that even though I'm living on a relatively high floor, I've got to hear those freakin' commercial garbage trucks at 3AM. When I lived in purely residential areas I didn't have to contend with that.

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                        Miss N,

                        Those garbage trucks add to the charm of urban living!

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                      This is a great point. We looked at buying an apartment building here in San Francisco that was next door to a restaurant, but right away noticed that there were rats or mice in the trash containers outside the restaurant, and didn't want to be close to that kind of stuff.

                  2. I actually live above a bar, so that can be noisy ;) However I've known people who have lived above restaurants here in Boston and the opinions have definitely had mixed opinions. One complained constantly about the food smells. Another said that he never even really noticed it. I'm sure its a YMMV situation.

                    1. I used to live next to the Harvard Club in Boston's Back Bay. My bedroom faced the Mass Pike and Newbury Street. The Harvard Club had functions almost every night so it was like living next to a restaurant. I could not tolerate the trash guys emptying the huge trash bins every morning at 4:00 a.m. Huge trucks lifting those bins and then letting them slam down. It got so bad that I ended up sleeping in my front living room on the pull-out sofa. If your apt. is anywhere near the trash pick up, get another place. Or, ask the landlord if you can pitch a tent in the bedroom for a few days to see what the commotion level is.

                      1. I can totally empathize with your problem. I'm in Manhattan and a new diner opened that was open 24/7. I could hear the pots and pans crashing, the cooks kept the radio on loud. It was awful. Many neighbors complained to the owner and he rudely told them to move even though we were in the building first. Fortunately, there are environmental noise rules in New York. We called the Dept. of Noise Control and an inspector came to the building and measured the noise. It was way above their environmental noise standards. The city inspector told the owners that if they didn't fix the problem, they'd get fined $6,000 for starters. Amazingly, the owner had his joint noise-proofed.

                        You don't have to suffer and kiss up to the restaurant. I would starve first before eating in their restaurant. Call your local noise board and complain.