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Jun 30, 2002 11:26 AM

Group dinners, preferably ethnic and unique

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What are people's current favorite spots for getting a big group together, and eating comfortably and well (and with something unique and or electic about the experience)? I have to admit, my favorite place that satisfies these constraints is Thailand Plaza on Hollywood Blvd, which has about the best food in Thai Town, comfortable chairs, decent service, low prices, and amusing live entertainment, but I'm looking for others. I tried Yong Susan (Korean, well-loved here) with a group and while ago it was a pretty cool environment (you get your own private room) but the food disappointed a bit...

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  1. A group of us ate at Guelaguetza, Normandie & Olympic. On Sunday they have entertainment. Lots of wonderful food, see previous posts.

    1. Soot Bull Jeep on 8th street in Koreatown is always a good bet. We had my boyfriend's birthday party there a few years ago, and the staff was great! Plus, Korean barbeque is very accessible -- so non-adventurous friends were still happy. I also like Mandarin Shanghai downtown -- they've got huge round tables to match the huge, round and delicious lion's head meatballs!

      1. manna (korean bbq) on olympic (west of western) is a great place for groups. the meat is incredibly fresh and the portions are big. they have a combination bbq plate that includes 3 or 4 different types of meat for $60. 4 of us got that plus a noodle/soup dish each (no rice) and couldn't finish the meat. never had that problem at any other place. they also give you a bottle of soju with each combination. it's outdoors (under a tent i think) so your clothes don't stink as much as they would at any other place.

        taverna tony (greek) in malibu is also a great place for groups. you can find better greek elsewhere, but taverna tony is really a fun place to go with your friends.