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Apr 9, 2008 03:49 PM

Is Canolli Joe's worth the drive from Leander?

Is Canolli Joe's worth the drive from Leander? what are your thoughts on the restaurant?

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  1. This may be your closest buffet that features Italian foods (listed on their website) in a creative environment. To make a long drive worthwhile you may want to aim for a dinner or Sunday brunch.
    I visit every few weeks, in particular because I appreciate the variety of vegetables including copanata and eggplant parmasean, And it is one of only two buffets I have found that offer blue bell ice cream.

    1. I visited several weeks ago on a Friday afternoon, around 1:00. Yes, the restaurant gives you plenty of choices, but the place is ultimately still a "buffet." I don't eat meat, so my choices are a bit limited. I stuffed my face with their version of a greek salad, and bunches of cheese pizza. Both were okay. I believe it was 8.99 or something for the lunch menu. The dinner is around 12. I give them credit for trying to make it interesting, and moving beyond the standards. plenty of vegetarian choices. the desserts were okay considering the price. An alright place if you are looking to get uncomfortably full, at a good value. Either way, all the dishes have the taste of a buffet you would find at a casino... Let us know what you think.

      1. No if you are looking for good Italian food. Yes if you are looking for lots of mediocre food.

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          amen. its not worth the drive from Petsmart.

        2. The frustrating thing about canoli joe's is that they offer some fairly intriguing dishes - well beyond the expected pizza, lasagna and bread sticks - but because it's a buffet, they've been sitting under a heat lamp for some time and the quality suffers. Also, a lot of the entrees were really salty. If you're curious, go ahead and try it, but quality-wise, it's basically Bucca di Beppo.

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            I am a regular at Cannoli Joe's and find that if I show up when it is busy the food is refreshed quite often. And I haven't noticed the saltiness.

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              I'm on a low-salt diet and find Cannoli Joe's much less salty than say, Macaroni Grill. Plus there were lots of meatless pasta dishes and a few with whole wheat pasta. So if you are dining with a group everyone can have what they want. We usually spend 20 minutes arguing over what to order at Buca.

            2. I live only a mile or so from Canolli Joe's and once was enough for me.