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Apr 9, 2008 03:40 PM

drinks at fire pit? [oahu]

trying to figure out pau hana friday/night spots lounge to check out..

i used to hit up mai tai's (ala moana location, but alas i feel like i've gotten too old for the crowd)

then there was oceans and row bar (closed and last that i heard, pretty not0-happening), and dave & busters, and brew moon.

and indigos, next door, etc...

but alas, i feel like i've gotten too old for most of those joints (we're on the other side of 30)

i dont want too touristy, but i've heard firepit (sheraton waikiki) in waikiki is decent? and my local friends say that they've gone there, despite being anti-waikiki... i also may want to check it out for our upcoming wedding to see if i can recommend it to our oot guests...

how are the drinks there? any other place you can recommend for good drinks?

i don't like zanzabar or w (TOO TOURISTY) and i don't like pipeline (too young). not into senor frogs or yardhouse, 'cause they are chains...

i'm bummed that i miss first fridays yet again.... ugh...

much mahalos in advance =)

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  1. I just went to rumfire at the Sheraton a couple of weeks ago. Hmm... I don't know if I can really recommend it. The feeling I got was "once was enough". Cocktails for $14 that don't taste any better than one that's $5 aren't a big draw. The setting is nice though, with the great ocean view. The crowd was mixed, w/ locals and tourists of all ages.

    1. Try Du Vin on Bethel Street - it's across the park from Indigo going Diamond Head. I think you'll find the ambiance and pricing very attractive.

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      1. re: Yoshio

        i'll second du vin....half price food from 4-6 (?)....their moules frites are freakin tasty! i wish they would cut us a break and have more affordable wines by the glass, but alas....maybe they have a $7 glass, but usually 9, 10, 12....

        1. re: fatstern

          I've heard that Du Vin has a "reverse" happy hour; after ten they mark down the by the glass price of everything that they've opened that day.

      2. Are you looking only for mixed drinks?
        If it's just beer..... the Kona Brew Pub in Hawaii Kai is a nice place to lounge (especially at the bar area).

        1. I actually like the upstairs pool bar at the Hyatt - much calmer than most Waikiki hotel bars, as on the 2nd story, they usually have good music, and it's relaxing with a great view & yummy mango daiquiris (I obviously don't have a broad cocktail sense, but I do remember the wine menu is rather weak...)

          1. alas.. we didn't go....

            the night we were gonna go, they were charging a $10 cover. and so a $10 cover on top of the drinks, and we weren't gonna stay long, we opted for mai tais royal hawaiian (although i prefer the ala moana location better)

            we picked mai tais 'cause we were only there for less than an hour...