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Apr 9, 2008 03:17 PM

Low-key dinner downtown

I’ll be in Chicago next week and looking for moderately priced bar and grill type places (or anywhere similarly low-key … can be Asian, Mexican, etc.) where I can relax after a long day at the convention center and perhaps eat at the bar. I’d like to be within walking distance of the Harrison Street el stop (but I’m from NY – “walking distance” can be a mile or so), and I’ll be myself so I’d like to avoid anywhere that’s a “scene” or where I’ll feel out of place eating alone. Unassuming, laidback, delicious – I think that about sums it up.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sounds like you may be staying at the Hilton at 720 S. Michigan. ;) Here are recommendations in the vicinity (within a few blocks of the Hilton as well as the Harrison/State el stop):

    Edwardo's, at 521 S. Dearborn Street, has delicious double-crust "stuffed" deep-dish pizza.

    Hackney's, at 733 S. Dearborn, has excellent burgers and "French dip" roast beef sandwiches and specializes in their "brick" of onion rings.

    Amarit, at 600 S. Dearborn, has decent Thai food.

    If you feel like splurging on a more expensive place one night, Custom House is also in the vicinity. (Business casual attire is fine.) They have a pre-theater special, 3 courses for $42, at 5:00/5:30.

    1. Atwood cafe or Quartino's would work as would the Gage, my current favorite. I have eaten at the bar many times at Quartino's. The Gage Bar tends to be loud but lots of people eat at the bar.

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        Agree with Quartino, great small plate and mid-plate italian with friendly bar scene. It's a little more than a mile walk, but only about an $8-$10 cab. FYI, every 800 increase or decrease in address is one mile.