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Apr 9, 2008 02:58 PM

What's a goy to do? Help.........

I'm in charge of appetizers for a friend's upcoming Passover party.
Having trouble finding something that works--since the first three things I mentioned involved bread.....bacon.....and shellfish.
Ok, I'm an idiot.
I need help, hounds!

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  1. Check first with your host exactly what ingredients you can use - doesn't sound like they keep kosher if they want you to bring something, but they may not want you to use flour, bread, yeast etc so that cuts out pastry items. Maybe make something like tomato mozzarella and basil salad.

    1. This *could* be an opportunity for you to do some experimenting. Lots of "passover food" uses things like egg whites, matzoh meal rather than flour (or potato flour), etc.

      I think you probably want to be thinking "vegetables". How about marinated mushrooms, for expl? I have a great, high-taste, simple recipe that uses mushrooms, EVOO, vinegar, garlic, dijon mustard--none of which should pose any problem. Or maybe pickled asparagus?

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        Er, the Dijon mustard does pose a problem. Technically, mustard seed is kitniyot and is not permissible for Ashkenzim. But it may or may not be a problem for your host. Same problem could apply to deviled eggs, depending on your recipe.

      2. Hard boiled eggs are traditional for Passover. How about deviled eggs?

        1. I agree about asking how kosher she keeps before proceeding. Also, if there are anything like my family, everybody has a "specialty" that they always bring. My sister's kugel is her offering, My brother always makes Pareve- and nobody else is allowed, even though mine is way better. :p Your hostess can steer you towards or away from things.

          Googling "passover recipes" will help you find dishes that you can easily make.


          1. Sorry--I should have mentioned this in the original post. They don't keep kosher. In fact, they said--anything is really fine. Until I started proposing dishes, and then they said--except that....except that. We're laughing about it now. But I am determined to make something fun for them. Think they want an appetizer that falls in the "finger food" category. People will be up and mingling at this point. Mushrooms fit that do stuffed eggs.

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            1. re: perk

              are you sitting down to a traditional seder night? If so don't do devilled eggs because eggs in salt water is part of the seder meal.
              If they said anything is fine then anything is fine as long as there is no pig, shellfish or flour. So you can't make dips and pita, and no tortilla chips with dips either.

              1. re: smartie

                Why not tortilla chips? They are made with corn, and are not leavened. Isn't the leavening the issue here, not the flour? Matzoh is made with flour. Tortillas are simply corn meal and water, as matzoh is simply flour and water.

                1. re: hilltowner

                  Corn is off-limits during passover as far as most Jews are concerned.

                  1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                    Corn, legumes and rice are no-nos for Ashkenazi Jews but fine for Sephardis. (Rule of thumb is that Ashkenazis are Central/Northern European, like Polish/Russian Jews are usually Ashkenazi, and if their families speak Yiddish they are probably Ashkenazi, and Sephardis are more likely to be Middle Eastern or Spanish, but you could just ask).