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Apr 9, 2008 02:48 PM

Small Party - Best of SF

I am an NYC hound and I'm hoping to organize a small party on a Saturday night in June. A group of friends who all will be finding ourselves in SF for a weekend for various reasons. We are 30-somethings. I'm looking for a place where I can book a table, or a small private room to enjoy good wine, food, etc. Hopefully not overly expensive (maybe $50-$60/head). We are up for long as we can have some good laughs and enjoy great food/drink. Thanks in advance!


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    1. re: Concetta

      We are approximately 14-20...not sure on total yet. Thanks!

      1. Incanto's one of my favorite restaurants in SF, and their private room holds up to 20. Tasting menus start at $55. You can also order a Whole Beast (pig, lamb, or goat).

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