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Apr 9, 2008 02:45 PM

Vegetarian or raw food in Hill/Heights/Gardens area?

Looking for a vegetarian/raw restaurant in the Cobble Hill metro area, for a Monday night dinner. A restaurant that has good such dishes but is not exclusively veg/raw would be ok but not ideal. One member of our party is an out-of-towner (vegetarian) who does not often get to experience NY cuisine and I'd love to show her something high-quality.

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  1. No idea how the food is, but there is a relatively new (about a year old?) raw restaurant on Court St, around Baltic called Jill's?

    edited to add:

    1. Jill's is really a take out place not really an experience type of place. I would train it over to counter in Manhattan.

      1. Is the vegetarian strictly into raw foods? Or is she vegan? Or just regular ol' lacto-ovo (i.e., eats eggs and dairy) vegetarian?