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Apr 9, 2008 02:21 PM

Update? Cambodian on Wickenden in Providence

So... what's the update? Anyone? Did Angkor ever add more authentic dishes? Is it still BYOB? Gearing up to go!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've tried to be back twice, but I think both times were a bit after 9 and they were no longer taking orders (!!). What time do they close?? Both of my times ordering (takeout) from there the dishes were excellent. I'm not very knowledgable about Cambodian food so I can't speak to the authenticity or lack thereof.

      I've been checking out ProvidencePalate. Great chat, not crazy about the messaging engine, but I wouldn't "pepper" it around or I'm sure they'll be deleted here. The chowhound folks are pretty militant. Better to put substantive posts around and have a simple signature.

      - Garris

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        it is hard to distinguish what is authentically cambodian because the southeast asian countries are pretty similar in culture so many dishes and flavors are similar. But you will get a good approximation at Angkor. I would have to say it is pretty authentic although I wish the menu was bigger and had less noodle dishes and more family style dishes. They do have whole fried fish which I haven't had but it looks pretty good. My favorite thing there is the street noodles which has a creamy spicy flavor. My boyfriend had the pad thai (pad thai is actually a southeast asian dish and not necessarily exclusively thai) and it is probably one of the best pad thai I've ever tasted. There is a smokiness and nuttiness flavor to their pad thai that I haven't encountered at other southeast asian restaurants in Prov. Their angkorean chicken wings are also pretty good (peanuty and coconuty). I say overall, the flavors to the food at Angkor is more precise and intense than the food at say any of the Apsaras. They seem more invested in putting out great dishes (quality) over quantity like the Apsaras. They're also BYOB and they give complimentary dessert that might seem unusual to someone who isn't familiar. The last dessert I had there was this sweet rice pudding with agar and black beans. Sounds pretty gross by the description, but it was pretty good and a nice capper to a meal. I really appreciate these little touches at Angkor and because of that, I want them to succeed and do well.

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          A friend of mine who is Cambodian told me that both Cambodia & Thailand claim to be the originators of many of the same dishes. I think the line between these cuisines is fairly fuzzy.

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          Thanks for the thorough reply Sprinklez, and for the thoughts from dagwood and Garris.

          Garris -- I have absolutely no idea what your second paragraph is referring to... Saying I should check out that site, or? -- what's wrong with my post that chowhound would delete it???

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            I think Garris meant that blatant self-promotion (blogs) are kind of frowned upon. Not just by the "militiant" moderators (who, I think, do a damned good job), but by the community-at-large. I think he was encouraging you to take a look at and post on providence palate (I do, too!).

      2. I think their food is very yummy. The only thing I didnt like was their bee boong...

        and yes, it is still BYOB

        1. We got takeout from there last week and it was fantastic.

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            im obsessed with their green curry! you can really taste the lemon grass and coconut milk in the curry. very complex flavors

          2. Went to Angkor for the first time this weekend and it was really incredible. Our table got a good sampling of the menu because there were a few of us, plus a Cambodian friend of ours that made some great recommendations.

            The table ordered the Green Curry, Red Curry, Chicken Ramvong and the Deep Fried Tamarind Fish. The Green and Red curries were excellent and our server told us that their curries were the restaurants specialty, and it really showed. The Chicken Ramvong was similar to the curry dishes except I believe the addition was the lemon grass which really came out in the flavor.

            The Tamarind Deep Fried fish was really special though. It was a full portion of crispy fish, deep fried to perfection and the tamarind sauce was tangy and delicious.

            Luckily I am in Providence often so this will be a regular on the rotation. It is a must try for anyone who not only enjoys Cambodian cuisine but good food in general.

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            1. re: Matt H

              I returned to Angkor last night, after not going for about a year. I was happy to see that the menu had a decent selection of Cambodian dishes, not just the usual generic pan-Asian stuff. This time, I particularly enjoyed the ground pork and red chili appetizer, served with rice crackers. I can't remember its name, but all three of us really devoured it!

              (who comes from R.I. originally, but lives in Brooklyn now)

              1. re: parkslopemama

                Gasp! Angkor has removed some of its best items from the menu, like the natang (the delicious pork/red curry appetizer with rice cakes) and the Tiger Cry beef salad. I'm in mourning.

                On a happier note, the chicken ramnong was still great. Next time I have to try the tamarind fish.