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Apr 9, 2008 02:11 PM

Mother's Day Brunch Sacramento?

Good day, Chowhounds!

I have been off this board for a few years, and look what happened. It looks great!

In any case, I have a question: Where is the killer Mother's Day brunch in Sacramento? I know about the obvious choices, like the Hyatt and the Raddison, but I am looking for some place extraordinary to take Mom.

Let me know!


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  1. I'm just a lurker here but I happened to have read this article today so I thought I'd register and share.

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    1. re: fatchick

      Woah, that was fast. Does anyone know anything about any of those places? I am familiar with Chanterelle and, of course, The Firehouse, but does anyone know any of the others? Latitudes looks really interesting.

      1. re: GJCWalker

        Latitudes is not in Sacto. Tower Cafe is kind of informal, probably going to be a mad house. Chanterelle is small and intimate. But I have never gone to any of these for M'Day. Also check out OpenTable:

        1. re: PeterL

          Latitudes is actually in Auburn...depending on where you are in Sac, it's not that far. From North Highlands area, it's maybe 20-30 minutes.

          1. re: PeterL

            I think that the drive to Auburn would be alright on Sunday morning though. We are actually in Folsom, so we can take the back route, and it wouldn't be bad at all. Have you actually been to Latitudes?

            1. re: GJCWalker

              Not for brunch, but I have for dinner. It's really good...they usually have some interesting things on the menu. Usually several vegetarian choices, not that I eat any of them.

              1. re: GJCWalker

                I ate there years ago and enjoyed the brunch that we had. I do know that they buy fresh local produce as they purchased from friends of mine who grew vegies and herbs in the community.

                1. re: GJCWalker

                  If you are in Folsom check out Bidwell Street Bistro. Don't know if they do anything for M'Day though. Also if you are thinking about driving north, how about Hawks Granite Bay or Paul Martin's in Roseville.

          2. We had Easter Brunch w/ my MIL at Masque in El Dorado Hills. Food was great, service was excellent and the decor/ambience was very good as well. You can get reservations through open table or for a more casual yet enjoyable experience order from their deli and have brunch on the patio. The place received high praise from MIL

            Masque Restaurant
            3909 Park Dr, El Dorado Hills, CA

            1. I love the atmosphere at Slocum House..sitting under the trees. The Firehouse is a great choice IMO.

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              1. re: melly

                I've been to a MD brunch at the Waterboy---don't know if they still do it, but they are always top notch.

              2. Last year we went to the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg (approx. 10 min. south of Sacramento) for Mother's Day. Not only did they have an amazing brunch catered by Magpie, they also had about 5 wineries that offered wine tasting (at no charge). If you've never been to the Old Sugar Mill, it's gorgeous. I just received an email that they are doing the event again this year. You can email for more info. Plus, there are a few other wineries right "down the block". Makes for a great day.

                1. Hawks is offering a Mother's Day Brunch. I was going to take my mother there, but she will be out of town.

                  5530 Douglas Blvd, Granite Bay, CA 95746