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Jun 29, 2002 02:43 PM

Lunch LACMA area Sat.

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Any suggestions for a nice lunch on Saturday near LACMA? Healthy, elegant, but not too expensive--what about Farmer's Market area and new mall there? Thanks

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  1. Oops, just read all the posts about the Grove, I had forgotten that was the name, haven't been there yet. But I guess it's not a winner for restaurants. Will check out suggested places on Beverly, but Angelina Osteria, for one, is not open for Sat. lunch. Oh, well. by the time we get there it'll probably be too late for lunch, now. Wish more LA restaurants were open for weekend lunch.

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      Are you sure Angelini Osteria isn't open for lunch on Saturdays. I had lunch there on Saturday.

      1. re: Bob Brooks

        Thanks. Angelini Osteria said they were not open for lunch yesterday. It was my impression it was their usual Saturday policy, but I will find out. Also will check on Lucques for future reference.
        We wound up at Antonio's on Melrose, richer food than I wanted at the time (waistline), but it was getting late & we were hungry, & it was good and satisfying. We like his beans better than most others, which for us is one test of whether we'll like a Mexican restaurant. I had a split order--bean tostada & mole enchilada. My husband had enchiladas Oaxaca, our son devoured beans & cheese & tortillas. I wonder why the place gets little press. I'd be interested in others' opinions.

    2. I think I read recently that Lucques has begun serving Saturday lunch.