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Apr 9, 2008 01:45 PM

Pappy's Smokehouse - St. Louis

Has anybody tried this barbecue place yet? I'm hoping St. Louis finally got some good barbecue.

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  1. Tons of positive comments over on STL Today. Main problem is they run out of stuff so be prepared for that but everyone loves it. I do think it is better than most in St. Louis.

    Other than my own of course.... ; )


    1. On Joe Pollack's blog, he also gave it a nice review. I hate BBQ but his review made it sound like I'd find something yummy there too!

      1. Delicious Memphis style BBQ. These guys know what they are doing! Nice too.

        1. marymac-
          How was your lunch at the Schlafly Brewery a couple of weeks ago?
          Pardon me if I missed your report,

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          1. re: p.j.

            We just went yesterday, and I loved Schlafly's! I had the beer biscuits and Irish lamb stew. Companion had a tuna reuben and grilled asparagus. We will return!