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Apr 9, 2008 01:44 PM

Where to buy figs in Seatown?

There's a killer recipe up on in the recipe forum that calls for figs. Anyone know where I buy those in Seattle?


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  1. Whole Foods usually has both black mission figs and brown Turkish figs when they are in season. I see them at the Roosevelt one, but I'm sure the others have them.

    Central Market in Shoreline also carries them in season.

    1. I tried to purchase figs about a month ago at Whole Foods and found out that they are currently not in season. They did direct me to some excellent dried figs that were perfect (I sliced them and put them on pizza).

      1. fresh figs will not be in season for a while. starts mid too late summer and then you will see them all over.....blacks, greens, browns

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          It's for these dried fig bars:

          So is seasonality really important?

          1. re: allisonw

            nope dried figs are available all year .. you should be able to find nice dried figs at Whole Foods, Madison Market, PCC .. probably any number of places .. Mission figs are a fairly common variety.

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              Dried figs should be available at ANY decent grocery store. Look where they sell raisins, prunes (now known as dried plums), dried apricots etc. No need to go to any kind of fancy place unless you want organic or some such. Don't buy the really hard, drier than toast imported stuff that comes packaged in a flat disk. For baking you want something that's still relatively soft. You ought to be able to buy some in a nice sealed package or, if in bulk, where there is frequent turnover. I personally prefer calmyrna (brown) to mission (black), but it's personal taste. Be sure to trim off the stems.