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Apr 9, 2008 01:37 PM

I need to fix my La Pavoni espresso machine!!

Help! I am trying to find a shop or a person here in the Los Angeles area who can repair La Pavoni espresso machine. I figured fellow fine coffee drinkers might have some tips!


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  1. Go to Pasquini Espresso Maker on Olympic downtown..they have a great repair shop

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    1. re: stormin norman

      I just called and they said they can't repair a La Pavoni machine.
      He said something about Fears or you know anything about them?

    2. Try A-Tech Espresso Repair. They used to be called Paul Gianotti Espresso Repair.

      1. Did you find a repair place for your machine if so, I need...
        thank you

        1. I know it's an old thread, but: we just took our ten year old and utterly miserable La Pavoni to L.A. Electrical Service in Tarzana. We were ready to throw it out and buy a new one for $750+

          After a lot of chat with the (owner's wife?) about the beauty of the machine, and how it really needed a complete overhaul because of my own slovenliness in keeping it clean and dry, they did a FULL workover for about $250 that made it as good as or better than new. We'll get another ten years out of it, easily.