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Apr 9, 2008 01:36 PM

Fresh tortillas in San Diego

Hounds, I'm looking for fresh tortillas, flour and corn, for a dinner tomorrow night. Do you have any sources in the Hillcrest/Point Loma/downtown/uptown areas? If not, any recommendation will be appreciated.

Tommy's on Voltaire in Point Loma advertises fresh tortillas but I havent tried them. Please let me know if you have an opinion. I can always go to Cuatro Milpas but would prefer something closer.


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  1. Las Quatras Milpas, are fantastic. What about El Indio?

    1. Love Las Cuatro Milpas tortillas but El Indio on India makes their own too..

      1. Gilberto's produces some of the best corn tortillas in San Diego...and they distribute to various locations around town. Farmer's Outlet on the corner of Friar's Rd and Riverdale usually has them. Pancho Villa market on El Cajon where it crosses the 805 make their own tortillas in-house and they're pretty tasty.

        1. Pancho Villa Market on El Cajon at the 805 has a tortilla factory, Adelita's. If you're there at the right time they will bag them for you fresh off the conveyor belt. I don't think they do flour tortillas. But the corn ones, fresh and warm, are just incredible. They are machine made, so they don't have that thick, handmade quality. They are often sold out by dinner time.

          1. Northgate Gonzalez market makes their own tortillas