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Apr 9, 2008 01:30 PM

Dinner during Passover

I have friends visiting during the end of Passover (Friday night) and some observe Passover (can not eat bread, pasta, etc). Any suggestions for dinner on Friday night for 6 people? What type of food is good? Approx $15 entrees. No other food restrictions. Location below 14th street -- east or west.

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  1. You should check with your friends about how strict their observance is. Some people are fine with omitting forbidden items like bread. Others will only eat in a restaurant that is truly kosher for Passover. Such places would not be open on Friday night.

    1. The most obvious choice is a steakhouse but you aren't going to find one for $15.

      1. I often go to Korea town. I can eat the BBQ and the veggies and just forgo the rice and dumplings.