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Apr 9, 2008 12:38 PM

Ladies' Weekend in Scottsdale and Sedona

Hi everyone:

I'm looking for a few recommendations in Scottsdale for this weekend. We've been to Roaring Fork, Cowboy Ciao and Lecca Baffi (a little italian place) and love all of them. We'd be happy to go back to any of these but also happy to try something new.

We like: Moderate pricing (not Mary Elaine's please) and a nice-casual environment. Everything in this category is fair game. We're staying at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge, so we realize everything will be a drive.

Especially interested in a brunch/breakfast places that are NOT hotel based buffets.

Finally, we plan to take a drive to Sedona one of the days, so any recommendations for lunch or dinner would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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  1. We just enjoyed a recent trip to Sedona (link below), and enjoyed a very nice lunch at L'Auberge outside on the patio next to Oak Creek, and an excellent dinner at Cafe Elote.

    Sedona Trip Report

    Also, this is not really a recommendation since I haven't actually been yet, but for a leisurely lunch with my girlfriends tomorrow, we're meeting in Scottsdale and I've decided on Digestif because of this thread:

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      Rubee, how was your lunch at Digestif? Thinking of having dinner there with my family on our visit to AZ next week...(will email you off-board about finding a time to see you and E!)

      Right now our dinner plans are for Elements on Thursday, Bloom or Digestif on Friday and Los Sombreros on Saturday. How's that?

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        Sounds like a plan! We liked Los Sombreros a lot, but then we went to Cafe Elote (they're owned by ex-husband and ex-wife) in Sedona. We thought that was fantastic, and couldn't help but compare. Of course, that's not exactly convenient for you ; ) As you know, we enjoyed our one meal at Elements, and they also make good cocktails to go along with that view. Haven't been to Bloom.

        Digestif was great - I haven't gotten around to posting yet. Three of us had a nice table on the patio and tried a few different appetizers - a cheese plate with epoisse (you know who picked that one!) and reggiano, a 'farm to table' plate - with fresh spring vegetables such as fava beans and morels, served with a mushroom tea, PLT (pancetta/lettuce/tomato on a crispy english muffin), rabbit rilletes, bacon wrapped roasted garlic, and a Caesar salad. We all agreed that for a simple sandwich, the PLT was one of our favorites. The quality of the ingredients - crispy pancetta, fresh lettuce, and a juicy slice of heirlooom tomato - made this a standout. Another favorite was the 'farm to table' appetizer. Fresh and full of flavor, especially with a bite of the dish followed by a sip of the mushroom 'tea', this really heralded spring. The only dish I probably wouldn't order again was the bacon wrapped garlic; I thought it was better in description than execution. Liked the atmosphere, and the staff were very nice. I also was thrilled to see some of my favorite classic cocktails on the menu - Sazerac, Negroni, and Corpse Reviver. The Pretty Ugli was delicious, but a bit too sweet for me (muddled basil, Ugli fruit liqueur, seltzer, green chatreuse ), though I ordered it after starting with a Sazerac. The other two girls at the table loved it, however, and I would recommend it. It was also interesting to see that they had one of those absinthe fountains on the bar, so I assume they offer the classic way of serving absinthe, which is nice (those legal in the US BTW are not the same as some of the heavy-hitters from Europe - which KO let us try once! whew! - but the ones with limited amounts of thujone/wormwood to comply with federal regulations).

        Two of us also ended doing a bit of SouthBridge restaurant hopping. After our late lunch we strolled over to Canal and enjoyed the sunset on their relaxing patio. Very good cocktails here also and excellent service too. Our bartender, David, who had formerly worked at Kazmierz Wine Bar, was engaging and knowledgable, and suggested some delicious cocktails - Strawberry Smash with vodka, kiwi liqueur, fresh muddled strawberries and mint, and a delicious ginger martini with pear-infused gin. The food was very good too - we enjoyed tasty snacks of ahi served three ways (seared with black peppercorns, poke, and sashimi) and duck confit tostadas with chipotle jicama slaw and cotija. We ended our day of leisure meeting the guys at Wildfish for 'dinner'. What a nice seafood place (sister restaurant of Eddie V's, which we like, and Roaring Fork). I hadn't heard of if before, but David recommended it. Nice menu, warm and energetic atmosphere, and fun bar staff. My friend and I shared the steamed sea bass in a soy-sherry broth, and E enjoyed his Alaskan halibut with fresh Jonah crabmeat with roasted almonds and brown butter. A nice end to a fun day of exploring an area of restaurants I haven't been to before.

        Looking forward to your email, would love to see you!

    2. I love T. Cooks at the Royal Palms for breakfast/brunch and it is in a resort but a very elegant small resort..this is considered one of the best places to stay and eat in Scottsdale.
      For Sedona, I would have lunch at Yavapai at Enchantment Resort..make sure you go to the restaurant, instead of the lounge area to the left..

      1. Ladies? Lunch? Arcadia Farms is always a treat, especially when the weather's nice and you're out on the back garden patio. Plus it's in the middle of Old Town, so you can walk around afterwards, check out the boutiques and galleries.

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          Actually, I was going to recommend Arcadia Farms as well. In fact, I was just there over the weekend. It's a great "ladies who lunch" type place and the food is pretty good. Lots of salads, sandwiches, etc. to choose from. I had the "special of the day" salad. It was field greens, poached pear, candied pecans, blue cheese, and a raspberry vinagrette dressing. Pretty yummy. Also had dessert. We shared the Chocolate Pecan Tart, Raspberry Chocolate Cake and the Coconut Cake. I thought the Coconut cake was the best. The chocolate pecan thing was really good too. But I'm not a huge fan of raspberry/choc take my opinion with a grain of salt, please.

        2. The original comment has been removed