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Apr 9, 2008 12:35 PM

Looking for good dinner, but have small children

I am looking for a place in Fairfield County where I can get decent food when I have my granddaughter ( aged 4) with me. She is quite well behaved ( I would immediately take her out if she wasn't) but it would be nice if the place was child-friendly, i.e. good kids menu or possibility of ordering a small plate, booster chairs etc. Neither she or I eat fast food or the equivalent and she enjoys some grown-up food as long as it is fairly plain - grilled chicken, rice, broccoli, salad etc. Thanks.

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  1. boxcar cantina in greenwich is very family friendly but the food is pretty decent for mexican and the environment is lively.

    1. kit's thai Kitchen in Stamford would be good, I think. I take my four little tykes there with me (they are ages 6, 4, 2, and 1) and they accommodate just fine. They have noodle and rice dishes that aren't spicy...

      1. None of these places are *fabulous*, food-wise, but I think all are perfectly acceptable and would be fine for a child. All are in Greenwich:

        Bella Nonna - red sauce Italian and pizza
        Pomodoro - ditto
        Boxcar Cantina - mexican; arrive early or you won't get a table
        Thataway Cafe - salads, sandwiches, etc
        City Limits Diner (Stamford) - upscale diner

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          thataway is a good recommendation. If it's warm, the little outside courtyard is perfect for kids.

          boxcar... I just think if you are going to get mexican, anything in Port Chester is as or more child friendly and just so much better. But that's because I'm a dork.

          1. re: adamclyde

            Those are all good suggestions. It's too bad I don't live very close to Greenwich since those all sound like good options. I will try them if I am over there, (I live in Wilton) and Kit's Thai Kitchen is definitely a more viable option. I like their food and the little ones also like Thai food as long as it is not too spicy. Thanks.

            1. re: lattelover

              closer to Wilton is Bobby Qs in Westport- the food is pretty good, and they are very child friendly. It is rather casual though - not sure if you were looking for something more upscale.

              1. re: Ima Foodie

                Paci in Southport is wonderful and while they don't have a kids menu, they are always happy to make a simple pasta for the kids. The food there is great. We've been taking our now 14 yo there since she was 2 and there are often other children there on the earlier side.

        2. You didn't mention budget so I'm sticking to moderately priced suggestions.

          Centro in Greenwich and Darien is very child friendly, but offers reasonably decent food for adults. Same goes for Asiana, Penang and Elm Street Oyster House in Greenwich. Of course, kid central is Abis for the hibachi style show. Depends on your tolerance for noise. Boxcar is nice, but also very loud.

          Paci is not a kid's place. I really don't think the other diners would appreciate a child when they're paying these prices.

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          1. re: eatermom

            There are chldren at Paci every night of the week, including weekends. The owners are very friendly to the children as their own grandchildren eat there. It is not your typical "child" place, but well behaved children are certainly welcome and taken care of.

            1. re: sibeats

              Thanks, all. I have made a list of your recommendations and will put it in my purse. I have not been to many of these places so I am looking forward to trying them.

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