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Apr 9, 2008 12:32 PM

Reducing balsamic vinegar

Hi all!

While reading through a previous post, I heard someone suggest pairing balsamic vinegar with strawberries in a dessert, but first reducing it with a pinch of black pepper and some sugar. I've tried it twice, and love the flavor combination! However, I can't seem to get it to "reduce" - it simmers along and mixes, but no matter how long I leave it on for (and this is on low heat) it never thickens at all. Am I expecting something unreasonable? Any tricks of the trade that I'm missing out on?


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  1. blast the heat - and watch it closely - it will reduce and get syrupy.

    1. Keep cooking. Watch it though because mine got too thick.

      1. I have had trouble with this as well. Some balsamics take longer to reduce than others. The last bottle I did took almost an hour to reduce but when it started to get thick, it went pretty quickly. It should be on more than low heat tho, med. is good and give it plenty of time.

        1. I do 4tbsp balsamic 4tbsp brown sugar.....medium to medium high heat....should reduce quicker than an hour though.

          here is a picture.

          1. I know for sure it reduces cus I've burned a couple of batches in my time.