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Apr 9, 2008 11:48 AM

Taco Salad Recs? Fresh and Lite :)

Any suggestions for a good taco salad in Austin? Deep fried shell-as-bowl = bad. Taco chips or strips as topping = good. Mono-lettuce = bad. Veggie protein options = big plus.

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  1. My favorite salad in Austin happens to be the Mexi-cob salad at Chuy's north, I ask for beef fajita meat and tell them to hold the avacado and add another strip of chopped green chile. It has nice, crisp, dry leafy greens - a wonderful assortment of greens, two kinds of cheeses and tomato. The taco salad comes with the tortilla bowl and doesn't have the green chile, but I'm sure you could ask for it on the side.

    Whoever is making them there likes salads. The greens are dried properly and I've never found a brown bit or a bit that's core, always torn into bite-sized pieces. Just an all-around super salad.

    1. hands down mr. natural's taco salad! its wonderful, my favorite thing to order: has lots of veggies, refried beans, vegetarian chorizo (i think...) or tofu, guacamole, and a baked bowl! you have to try it. yum.