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Apr 9, 2008 11:42 AM

Best, inexpensive Indian in Mississauga or Oakville...

My siblings and I inherited the foodie gene (big time) - we got it from my father... but while my 78 year old mother appreciates food (what choice did she have in our family?), she is less adventurous, and still giggles about the food adventures I've taken her on over the years. She's had Indian, and liked it, but whenever I visit her it kills me to drive by the countless interesting-looking Indian stores and restaurants, and not try some.

I would appreciate simple (doesn't have to be fancy - as a matter of fact, the more downscale the better), inexpensive recommendations for Indian food in these areas so the next time I see her I can tell her I'm taking her out to her favourite restaurant (Red Lobster), but I'll really be taking her out for something much more interesting... Closest major intersections to her home are Erin Mills and Dundas, so she is close to and has easy access to Mississauga and Oakville. Thanks.

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  1. Hello.
    In mississuaga there is no shortage of Indian (especially north indian) takeaway!
    Missisauga has a MASSIVE indian community and you will sure to find plenty!

    I would recomend some but the area that i know (Malton) is no were close to erin mills and dundas

    1. In that neighborhood there is Bombay Bhel (on Dundas west of Winston Churchill). The food is qute tasty and reasonably priced - I'm not sure it's the best in the area, but if your mom is not a real food adventurer, I think she will be ok there, and it is authentic enough that a foodie can ejoy it as well. I have had better Indian outside of that general area you are looking at.

      The papri chaat has nice wafers that aren't greasy and in nicely spiced with a good level of heat and tamarind. The pakoras are large, though I tend to find them a bit greasy. I tend to stick to the tandoori mains - the chicken tikka has always been flavorful and tender as has the paneer tikka. I find the channa masala a bit watery and not flavorful enough. The okra is delicious. also, the naan is very very fresh.

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        Nothing to bear Brar Sweets - 199 Advance Blvd (at Dixie), Brampton, 905-799-1625 - huge assortment, buffet-style - fresh homecooked style North Indian food.
        For South Indian a good choice is Saravana Bhavan - 4553 HURONTARIO ST, MISSISSAUGA, ON L4Z 3L9
        in between Elia & Kingsbridge Garden
        (Cross Street: Hurontario ST and Kingsbridge Garden CIR)
        Phone: 905-290-0769

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          YES YES!

          Brar and Saravana Bhavan would be my choices too.

          Excellent fare.

      2. There is Tikki Tikka Indian Bistro at Royal Windsor and Erin Mills/Southdown in Clarkson - I was there several years ago and it was good.

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          My experience with Tikki Tikka, on several tries of this place, was that the food was no tastier than Bombay Bhel, but that it was more expensive. Except the channa masala - the channa is better at Tikki Tikka. Less watery, better spicing

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