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Apr 9, 2008 11:21 AM

Mid-Town or West Side Cocktails

Any suggestions on a place to go for good cocktails in Mid-town or West Side? In Manhattan for two nights and one night we are dining with people on West 55th Street. I would like to go out for a drink (or two) in that area because I know others in the party aren't going to go down to The Village area for a drink. We will save PDT, Little Branch, Employees Only, etc for the other night. Any bars that are doing good classic cocktails in the area? Or are there any old school hotel bars with good drinks in the area worth a visit? Thanks.

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  1. The Four Seasons Hotel, The St. Regis (Cole Bar), The Plaza ...

    I was at The Plaza a couple of weeks ago -

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        Modern Bar Room is an ideal choice.