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Apr 9, 2008 11:08 AM

Indigo Landing?

I just made reservations at Indigo Landing for a rare night out with my husband. (We just had a baby). I'm nervous as I just saw some really negative user reviews on the Post. Can anyone share their experience there? If it's not good, could you offer alternative suggestions? I was also considering Bazin's on Church and Del Merei.

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  1. If you do a quick "Search this board" for "indigo" there are a couple threads, one from just a few days ago.

    1. It's run by a Government contractor; a firm that specializes in cafeterias etc. That says it all. It's ok, just nothing special; if you keep yopur expectations low, you will be satisfied but not pleased. It is good for a nice summer day on the patio. It is better than Del Merie [unless you are a frickles fan, which I am not]. Of the three that you mention, Bazin's is definitely the best; a real chef and neither as crowded or as noisy as IL, and better service.

      1. I've never been to Indigo Landing, but I have been to Bazin's on Church a couple times and have had excellent meals. They usually have a house made ravioli as an appetizer which I would highly recommend if you decide to go there.

        1. They recently redid their entire menu from what I understand so those reviews might be out-dated. On top of that---I never go by the reader reviews on the Post---only Tom's (which would most likely also be outdated since Indigo Landing just reopened with the make over).

          I've never eaten there so I can't give you my opinion one way or the other but just thought you should be mindful of the above info. Someone who ate their a year ago might have a different experience then someone who eats there this weekend.

          1. Just about a year ago my boyfriend and I received a $150 gift certificate to Indigo Landing. The card expires this week and since they are finally open after closing for the winter, we decided to try it again. We brought another couple along for the ride to see what they had done to the place over the winter hiatus.
            Since reopening they have an entirely new concept- unfortunately, it was all so incohesive that I couldn’t really tell you what it was (I could only tell you that it wasn’t the low-country cuisine that I expected). I guess I could liken it to an over-priced mid-ranged corporate restaurant that uses the deep-fryer and Sisco as a crutch.

            The place looks pretty much the same except it has a more casual feel due to brighter lighting (too bright for a dining room at dinner IMHO). The dining room was fairly empty all night- only 7 tables were sat for the entirety of our meal (granted it was Sunday evening). The servers def. had a more relaxed approach but they all seemed friendly and fairly attentive.

            We got a bunch of food as we wanted to give it a fair try and we had some money to burn… We started with the “fondita potato chips”, beer batter grouper fingers, fried lump crab meat (I don’t really know what we were thinking), crab sliders, and rock lobster bisque. Four of the five dishes sported the same inexplicable garnish of a fried plaintain. The fried group fingers were fine- just heavily breaded fish-sticks; the fried crab meat tasted just as weird as it sounded and was wayyy too tough; the fondita chips were plain old potato chips served with a ridiculously large bowl of what I think was tostitos jarred cheese dip (it actually coagulated after 10 minutes on the table); 2 people in my party liked the sliders but I found them to be wayyy too fishy; the bisque, although watery, had great flavor and was the table favorite.

            For our mains two of us got king crab legs and two got the prime rib. The prime rib was cooked well and fairly priced but was served with a strange “aoli”, which I am pretty sure was bottled ranch dressing. The crab claws were properly cooked for the most part but served with a too-salty rice pilaf.
            There was no dessert menu- our server just read us the list. This was fine except she did not mention that the bread pudding we got contained pineapple and coconut- something my boyfriend doesn’t eat and was unpleasantly surprised to find in his first bite. We also got a brownie sundae (it wasn’t the freshest brownie but it was fine) and the strawberry shortcake, which was served with a very fake strawberry sauce in an impossibly narrow wine glass, which made sharing it between 4 people quite difficult.

            Overall, we all left very full yet underwhelmed. The space is obviously georgeous and I was so hoping that they would finally get it right after closing to regroup. I guess I will just accept this place for what it is- a great place to sit outside and enjoy a burger on a beautiful warm day.

            I don't mean to be negative here and I am rarely this adamant about steering someone away from a restaurant but don't waste a rare date night on this place!!!

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            1. re: JAC13

              All those elements sound so weird and out of place. Plus---why would you deep fry perfectly good crab meat. Yuck! I rarely make it out to VA but I've always heard good things about the atmosphere/outdoor seating at Indigo Landing. I don't think I'll be going now though. Sounds----disjointed.

              1. re: Elyssa

                Disjointed is the perfect word for it. And as for the fried crab- I am not kidding, jumbo lump crab meat deep fried...weird or what?? And I didn't even get into how off the service was. The view may be worth it for a burger but def. nothing they can possibly mess up...

              2. re: JAC13

                Thanks so much---this is really helpful. I think I will cancel the reservations and try elsewhere.

                1. re: beanthere

                  Thanks to everyone for their advice. I just made reservations at Zola and afterwards checked the Post review. Guess what---according to the Post, that's where IL's former chef is now! Coincidence!

                  1. re: beanthere

                    I think you'll really enjoy Zola. The food is great as is the service. My favorite appetizer is the tuna tartar. And my bf thinks they have the best shrimp and grits in town (and he's tried most of the versions in the better restaurants).

                    Make sure to go to the bathroom while you are there. I know...I weird request. But its a really cool bathroom area.

                    1. re: Elyssa

                      Thanks so much. I am really looking forward to it. My husband is excited too. Sometimes he gets a bit irritated at the pretensions of DC restaurants, but he's pumped that we get to eat in the Spy Museum! Will report back after the meal.