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Apr 9, 2008 11:00 AM

Knock My Socks Off at Michaels Genuine

Yes, I know that there are a million threads about this restaurant but I understand their menu changes often and I am going tonight (hows that for a laziness excuse). Some of you may be aware that my opinion of this place is not as high as those of many others who post here regularly. Help me right my wrong. What dishes will knock my socks off.

Sprouts and Cremoso are on the list already.

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    1. Beef Cheek
      Chicken Liver Crostini
      Pork Belly

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      1. re: Suzie

        RE: Chicken Liver Crostini

        Will actually make you barf in your sock, not knock it off!

      2. The wood roasting whole chicken
        beef cheek
        papardelle with beef sugo
        ceviche if they have it
        grouper cheek if they have it.

        1. Working from the current website menu (fairly recently updated, but it always changes a bit from day to day) ->

          Snacks -
          Crispy hominy w/ chile & lime
          Chicken liver crostini

          Small -
          wood roasted giant prawn
          butternut squash salad (if you're a salad person).

          (note - I'm not recommending the double-yolk egg only b/c it's never been on the menu when I'm there - can't wait to try this).

          Medium -
          crispy pork belly w/ kim chee ******
          crispy beef cheek w/ celeriac & chocolate reduction

          Large -
          swordfish w/ vegetable ragout & saffron aioli

          XL -
          Whole wood roasted "poulet rouge" chicken

          Sides -
          wood roasted brussels sprouts w/ pancetta & lemon aioli

          (note - the brussels sprouts & aioli also come w/ the grouper if you want to try them that way).

          I also very much like the pork shoulder w/ cheese grits, but others are less excited about it, so it doesn't make my "must try" list.
          I've also not yet tried the almond braised shortrib which sounds great, nor the sweetbread prep on the online menu (did have a nice sweetbread salad once).

          You've got dessert under control w/ the cremoso.

          1. YESSSSS glad you are finally heading back. When you go back tomorrow for lunch (you will) try the pulled pork sandwich.

            Try the pork belly and beef cheek.