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Apr 9, 2008 10:39 AM

Chalak beit yosef meat in NYC area

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find chalak beit yosef meat for sale in New York City (Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn). If anyone knows of any butchers/stores in Kew Garden Hills that would be great. However, anywhere in the metro area would suffice.

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  1. If you stick to lamb chops or veal, then any glatt kosher store/butcher will do. Chickens of course should not be a problem.

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    1. re: MartyB

      What differentiates beit yosef meat from other 'glatt kosher' meat?

    2. I thought I saw a Glatt Mart (ave. M Brooklyn) ad saying they have beit Yosef meat

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        1. re: berel

          NO! THEY DO NOT! I went all the way there and the guy in charge rudely made me wait, berated an employee, and then told me they don't sell it.

          1. re: AvigayilNeshama

            I saw bet yosef meat in Glatt Mart in June. They had it in a separate refrigerator case.

        2. I & D Glatt Kosher Butcher in West Hempstead (516-489-6926) and in Brooklyn has beit yosef meat. They deliver.

          1. Avi glatt !! avi glatt only carries bet yossef meat from alle prossing (meal mart ) . They are under the supervision of rabbi yisrol gornish in brooklyn.
            I know cuz i had a company over my house fopr shabous and they were sephardim and eat only bet yossef meat and avi glatt is sephardim and only eats bet yossef meat .
            They are loacted on AVE U Phone #718-998-2330 web site Deliver
            and another one is I&D but they are too expencive not suggest

            1. plenty of sephardic butchers in brooklyn/flatbush all carry bet yosef meat. just go along kings highway between mcdonald avenue to coney island avenue, lots of butchers, almost all bet yosef. avi glatt too is 1 block up on quentin rd

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                the new kosher supermarket on east 15th street off kings highway has it too.