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Chalak beit yosef meat in NYC area

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find chalak beit yosef meat for sale in New York City (Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn). If anyone knows of any butchers/stores in Kew Garden Hills that would be great. However, anywhere in the metro area would suffice.

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  1. If you stick to lamb chops or veal, then any glatt kosher store/butcher will do. Chickens of course should not be a problem.

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      What differentiates beit yosef meat from other 'glatt kosher' meat?

    2. I thought I saw a Glatt Mart (ave. M Brooklyn) ad saying they have beit Yosef meat

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          NO! THEY DO NOT! I went all the way there and the guy in charge rudely made me wait, berated an employee, and then told me they don't sell it.

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            I saw bet yosef meat in Glatt Mart in June. They had it in a separate refrigerator case.

        2. I & D Glatt Kosher Butcher in West Hempstead (516-489-6926) and in Brooklyn has beit yosef meat. They deliver.

          1. Avi glatt !! avi glatt only carries bet yossef meat from alle prossing (meal mart ) . They are under the supervision of rabbi yisrol gornish in brooklyn.
            I know cuz i had a company over my house fopr shabous and they were sephardim and eat only bet yossef meat and avi glatt is sephardim and only eats bet yossef meat .
            They are loacted on AVE U Phone #718-998-2330 web site aviglatt.com Deliver
            and another one is I&D but they are too expencive not suggest

            1. plenty of sephardic butchers in brooklyn/flatbush all carry bet yosef meat. just go along kings highway between mcdonald avenue to coney island avenue, lots of butchers, almost all bet yosef. avi glatt too is 1 block up on quentin rd

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                the new kosher supermarket on east 15th street off kings highway has it too.

              2. Pomegranate sells it. Look for the package with the little white computer letter with the words בית יוסף on it. I hate the times but... here's an article about the place http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/20/din...


                1507 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230

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                  several stores in Great Neck sell it