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Apr 9, 2008 10:35 AM

Cheese Blintz and Eggs Benedict Where??

We are staying at the Roosevelt at Madison and 45st in a week and I have a craving for these 2 items. Will only be in town for a day and a night and will be leaving early for the airport but I have got to get some breakfast. I have heard that NYC has great french toast... I would also consider this.. Can someone help point me in the right direction.


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  1. All locations of Sarabeth's should have good versions of all of those. I love the blintzes, never tried the french toast or the eggs Benny, but they look good!

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      I like the Blintz at Vesulka in the East Village

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          I have to give a third for Vesulka. Plus it has a nice local East Village feel.

      1. You can knock out both french toast and eggs bennie at The Smith...they make a fabulous version of both.

        1. The closest to your hotel I'd recommend for blintzes is Cafe Edison on W 47th between B-way and 8th.

          My favorite place though is tiny B & H on 2nd Ave just below St Marks.


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          1. As an aside on the Blintz, a lot of places in New York will serve one large Blintz singular. Sometimes 2! Most people aren't expecting that, so it's always a good idea to ask how many are in an order if it matters to you.

            1. My favorite cheese blintzes are at Diamond Dairy, upstairs inside a wholesale diamond place at 7 West 47th Street and very seriously kosher (i.e., not open on Saturday, if that's when you'll be in town.) They're rolled tight like cigars. No eggs Benedict, however!