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Cheese Blintz and Eggs Benedict Where??

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We are staying at the Roosevelt at Madison and 45st in a week and I have a craving for these 2 items. Will only be in town for a day and a night and will be leaving early for the airport but I have got to get some breakfast. I have heard that NYC has great french toast... I would also consider this.. Can someone help point me in the right direction.


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  1. All locations of Sarabeth's should have good versions of all of those. I love the blintzes, never tried the french toast or the eggs Benny, but they look good!

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      I like the Blintz at Vesulka in the East Village

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          I have to give a third for Vesulka. Plus it has a nice local East Village feel.

      1. You can knock out both french toast and eggs bennie at The Smith...they make a fabulous version of both.


        1. The closest to your hotel I'd recommend for blintzes is Cafe Edison on W 47th between B-way and 8th.

          My favorite place though is tiny B & H on 2nd Ave just below St Marks.


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          1. As an aside on the Blintz, a lot of places in New York will serve one large Blintz singular. Sometimes 2! Most people aren't expecting that, so it's always a good idea to ask how many are in an order if it matters to you.

            1. My favorite cheese blintzes are at Diamond Dairy, upstairs inside a wholesale diamond place at 7 West 47th Street and very seriously kosher (i.e., not open on Saturday, if that's when you'll be in town.) They're rolled tight like cigars. No eggs Benedict, however!

              1. Thanks to everyone for the info!

                1. At the risk of being declared blasphemous, I'll mention that I absolutely love the blintzes at Stage Deli (the only thing I love at that place).