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Apr 9, 2008 10:33 AM

Dublin - Where to go to be wowwed?

In Dublin for a few nights and was wondering were to go to have a great meal?Trying to stick around $300 a person.

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  1. A lot of people would recommend Chapter 1. I really liked Still in the Dylan hotel. If you want to spend less my favorite is Winding Stair.

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      I've got the same question, but under $300/person for a wow experience? Too rich for me. How about under $100/person? Not just Dublin, but all of Ireland: what is not to be missed, when it comes to outstanding chow?

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        Winding stair fits that description. I can't comment on the rest of Ireland as it's been many years since I visited other areas.

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          If you make your way to Laragh, south of Dublin in Wicklow County, we really, really loved the Wicklow Heather. Excellent food, even more excellent service. I'll link to a report when I get a chance to write it up.... Around 50 Euro for an excellent meal for two.

      2. I'd give a thumbs up to Winding Stair, although to be fair, I haven't tried most of Dublin's finer eateries. Winding Stair is nice because it's a tasty spin on traditional Irish food (which in general is not the sort of stuff one would describe as "great").

        My problem with the Dublin food scene is that you can get good food for outrageously expensive prices, but it's not really worth it if you have access to good food elsewhere. So if you're visiting from any metropolitan US city it's sort of silly to spend 4x the price on a good French meal in Dublin. That said, it's worth going to places like Winding Stair, because they are definitely grounded in Irish cuisine.

        1. These are some names I got from a friend who lives in Dublin. He does a lot of business dinners and is a good judge of food.

          The Merrion has Patrick Gibault whos is Michelin starred.
          Chapter One
          Shanahans on the Green (but way waaaaay over the top pricing)
          Brownes Brassierie (St Stephen's Green)
          One Pico (Schoolhouse Lane)
          Rolys (a firm favourite of Dubliners but it's becoming a bit hit and miss)
          He also mentioned L'Ecrivian <sp?> but has not eaten there

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            Roly's is lovely. We actually stumbled across it quite unwittingly since it was nearish to where we were staying in Ballsbridge. The coffee was among the best I've had anywhere in the world. The full Irish B'fast came in a reasonably sized portion (i.e. one sized for normal, non-agrarian diets), with a beautiful, (balsamic-marinated?) mushroom and tomato. Black and white pudding was well spiced. Bacon was a bit tough. I'm sad we didn't get a chance to try any of the baked goods for which it's apparently most famous.

          2. I always insist on going to l’Gueuleton (Fade Street) - they do the best French Onion Soup I have ever had! You can't book but you don't have to wait long for a table. Short-ish menu with French bistro classics. Belly pork is wonderful. Puddings smashing too. One gripe would be the menu stays more or less the same but if you're only visiting Dublin that hardly matters! Its wow in the sense that it feels really special and has a buzz about it and the food makes you go 'wow' ...

            1. Darwins on Aungier street. excellent steaks, great veggie menue as well as seafood and in advance. Shanahans is a wow place for food and decor but terribly expensive. I have not tried the winding stair yet.