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Apr 9, 2008 10:26 AM

Best Tampa 2008 Spots

So, there is a thread a ways down from 2007!!!! A lot has changed since then. What's say we start a new one????

Where have you been eating at lately Tampa?

I love me some Taco Bus, Grass Roots is always good for a body-feel-good-meal, I constantly crave Acropolis in Ybor, The Bungalow Bistro has been awesome lately (the Chicken Roulade is great), I had an amazing Duck Confit Salad at The Noho Bistro, Pach's Place served some great Eggs Benidict a few weeks ago, and Carrollwood Deli and Cafe served some of the best Corned Beef and Pastrami sandwiches I have ever had.

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  1. I really enjoy Acropolis Greek Taverna, as well. Other favorites in Ybor are Bernini (pistachio-crusted grouper - YUM) and El Puerto Argentinean Grill. For a big night out, Charley's and Mise en Place. I love Ceviche, but have been going its new "little sister" restaurant (Pincho Y Pincho) in downtown St. Pete lately because it's open for lunch and I can get the same tapas without the crowd and the wait. When I want to dine on the beach, I choose Salt Rock Grill, Guppy's, The Conch Republic, TJ's Italian Cafe (for something casual), or La Cachette (a charming French restaurant that offers the added bonus of being a BYOB with no corkage). Living in Brandon makes it hard to for a foodie to find anything good without a drive...but we do have one hidden gem, Della's After Dark, which has the most delicious and creative menu in our little chain-laden corner of the world.

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      When was the last time you went to Salt Rock? I'm still trying to get a bead on how they are now. They used to be good, but slipped as some places do.

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        The last time was about 6 weeks ago, and my entire party thought it was lovely. My second most recent visit was about 6 months ago, and it was fine then, too. You're not the first person I've heard say that Salt Rock is not what it used to be...but they have pretty consistently been on their game every time I've been there.

    2. Our favorite beach spot is Oyster Shucker on St Pete Beach. We didn't like Charley's. Love Roy's but I must say I like their old style ribs a lot better than the new. I won't order ribs again if they have the same kind. But I do like the sushi. Fleming's is very good, 717 South is excellent too, to name just a few.