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Apr 9, 2008 09:57 AM

Dinner near San Diego Convention Center???

After a long day at a medical conference, I want to keep it simple and have a nice dinner somewhere near the convention center ( prefer walking distance ). Have never been to SD before. A few restaurant names have been given to me by colleagues & I have no way to judge them. I'm not looking for the ulimate in fine dining; but interesting food, that's well prepared & a pleasant eating environment. Hopefully, a few 'hounds in the SD area will be able to help out. Please feel free to offer your opinion on these, and others in the area that you like/love.


Blue Point
Harbor House
Greek Island Cafe
Fish Market

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  1. I don't recommend Harbor House or Rainwater. Sally's is very good, as is Candela's (upscale Mexican). The Top of the Market is pretty good, and I'd suggest that over The Fish Market (Top of the Market is their upscale restaurant). Baci's is a little far from downtown. Three others to throw in your pool: Chive, Red Pearl Kitchen, and Oceanaire.

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      I agree, with the exception of the Top of the Market thing. I prefer like the oyster bar and sushi bar at the Fish Market over the upstairs.

    2. Phee has given you excellent advice..
      My choice would be Oceanaire..

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        Rama is one of the best thai restaurants in San Diego, I would go there. Also Baci has great italian food.

      2. If you want to walk from the Convention Center, my suggestion, not on your list, is Cafe Chloe. They have very good French bistro fare, in a lively bistro atmosphere. Great beer and wine list, too. They make a real effort to offer unusual and interesting wine-by-the-glass options. It's a great, unpretentious spot with a fun vibe.

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        1. re: Josh

          I second Cafe Chloe. You won't be dissapointed!

          1. re: Josh

            How could I forget Cafe Chloe?!?

          2. I like Fish Market - although I've never gone to "top of the market" - I'm a budgeted foodie.

            1. I'll be at the same conference. Getting in pretty late on Saturday, so hoping to snag a bar spot at Cafe Chloe. Sunday I'm planning on dinner at the Linkery.

              Monday might not be making it out of the convention center til' late, so will also stick around Gaslamp. Would really like some decent, fairly authentic Mexican. Is Candela's a good choice? Is there a bar area?

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                I really like Candela's (although some here have opined that it's just okay). It's what I'd call high-end Mexican, think moles and pumpkin soup rather than burritos and tacos. And like most restaurants in the Gaslamp it has a bar area to hang out before dinner, (even if it's just beer and wine).