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Apr 9, 2008 09:45 AM

Toaster-Ovens with SS INTERIORS?

Last new toaster oven I had rained metal or carbon flakes all over the food and continued to do so even afer I tried to "cook it off" by running it for several (non-continuous) hours.

So now I'm looking for a quality one with a stainless steel interior--nothing non-stick, black, grey, aluminum (gasp), or anything but stainless steel. Found a Kenmore Elite like this, but reviews say it's awful (noisy and can't set the temp).

Any suggestions?



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  1. A decade ago, I purchased a Black and Decker toaster oven based on reviews by Consumer Report. It has performed wonderfully and I had given these toaster ovens as wedding gifts (when a toaster oven is on their gift list) and they all loved it. It's quiet and temperature setting is standard. Although my oven still works great, I'm looking for a new one and just the other day, COSTCO's website was advertising a B&D toaster on their website for $99.00 and I'm thinking of purchasing this one.