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A place for fried chicken

Been to Pink's tea cup,"just o.k., Sylvias "fair" soul fixin's "not bad" and hog pit"Not good". I haven't been to Charles southern but hear it's good, any suggestions? willing to go wherever the subway will take me for good fried chicken.

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  1. Blue Ribbon Bakery in Soho has a pretty good fried chicken

    1. Maroons is good. I actually didn't like Blue Ribbon.

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        I like Maroons too. I also like Blue Ribbon, but I think Maroons is better.

      2. Bar Americain has a fried chicken special every Monday night and it's pretty good.

        1. oh if only pies and thighs were still open! (sorry, realize it's in brooklyn, but just had to chime in). they are relocating soon i heard so you should definitely check it out once it's open again.

          1. I had great fried chicken recently at Rack and Soul. I wrote about it here..

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              I LOVE the fried checken at Rack & Soul. Miss Mamie's Spoonbread Too might have it beat, though. http://www.spoonbreadinc.com/miss_mam...

            2. jane tavern, clinton st baking co. NOT M&G Diner though. I'd wait until pies and thighs re-opens this summer though.

              1. It's the Blue Ribbon Brasserie that does the great fried chicken in Soho. The Bakery is on Downing St.

                1. Does it have to be southern fried chicken? If not, give Bon Chon a go: http://www.chow.com/digest/2457

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                      My niece took me to the 5th avenue location on a thursday night and the place was packed.After having the soy and spicy chicken wings and the rosemary fries, I can see why this joint is always full. Highly recommended.

                  1. Charles is definitely worth a trip. The secret is the traditional pan frying--air contacts the skin on one side at all times. Take out is a nice option for summery picnic/barbecue fare, as the chicken is as good the next day almost. As I recall, some of the sides were better than others, though. I think the collards and the potato salad were good, but it's been a while. The sweet tea was way too sweet for my taste. Last time I went there are 2 Charles right next to one another, but I figured it out eventually.

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                      Thanks for the posts, I must try BonChon, looked it up and sounds great. So Mr. particular Two Charles? how did you tell which one is the real Charles?

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                        They're both real. Maybe like semi-separate parts of the same restaurant, I seem to remember. Don't worry about it--I don't know why I mentioned it, really. It's pretty obvious where to get the chicken when you're there.