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Apr 9, 2008 09:34 AM

Any Restaurants in Readville?

Readville is one part of Boston that I haven't really explored. Are there any restaurants there? Or do folks who live in Readville have to go to Dedham or the center of Hyde Park if they want to hit a restaurant close by?

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  1. Not that it's a restaurant, but I feel like I read about a good bakery in Readville. Can't give you any more info, just that it was in an out of the way place.

    You're really narrowing things down when you want a section of Hyde Park for good dining. Better check out Townsends first. And someone get some fried fish from the fish store and let me know how it is.

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      I suppose you're right. Next thing you know, I'll be asking about restaurants in Aberdeen, Fairmount, and Bellevue. ;-b But for some reason, I recall hearing about at least one or two restaurants in Readville, though I wonder if they are even open anymore.

      I definitely want to check out Townsend's, as well as the (hee hee) soon-to-be-open CF Donovan's (hopefully they will open before I'm too old to dine out anymore).

    2. Readville is so tiny but there are some places. RIght in the center of Readville is Cappy's Tavern. It's a cozy pub with friendly owners and a local hangout. You order your food from the bartender (chalkboard menu) and then they bring it to you when it's done. The big secret is on Fridays at lunch they make amazing fish and chips with fish they get from the fishpier that morning, and it sells out pretty fast. They have the usual pub-grub fare - burgers, sandwiches, fried stuff. The bartender actually cooks your food in the little kitchen in the back! Their burgers are the thin kind but are really tasty (and cheap cheap!). The grilled chicken club sandwich is excellent and comes on buttered grilled scali bread. It's not a destination place, but you would really enjoy it for an afternoon of beers/drinks, TVs (they have all the sports on), and snacking. There is also a great wine store in the square - Richard's - they also have excellent imported cheeses (small selection but high quality) and they get their breads from Nashoba bakery. I think the bakery Joanie is referring to is called B&C - their stuff looks really good, and I did buy a ricotta pie there that was amazing. I have not tried the fish store in Cleary Square.

      EDIT - How could I forget Tutto's on River St!

      1. not sure it qualifies as a restaurant, but tutto italiano makes an amazing italian sub. they also have exceptional homemade mozzarella and ricotta if you're cooking at home.

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          1. Looks like a new place called Amanda's might be opening on the Neponset Valley Parkway. Don't have much info on the spot as of now. Has anyone heard anything?

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                202 Neponset Valley Pkwy, where La Cheminee used to be.