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Apr 9, 2008 09:28 AM

knife sharpeners in LA

Allllllllright, well last week i bought a brand new 9" wusthof ikon and i recently read a post about sharpening wusthofs right out of the box so, i was wondering were do you guys go in L.A. to get your knives sharpened. ive only gotten my other knives sharpened at this one cutlery store in the santa anita mall and im looking for a place that is possibly better/closer to me(i live in glendale). any info would help and be appreciated =P thanks!

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    1. For a more personal touch than Ross, try Anzen hardware in Little Tokyo. The owner is a favored source for Japanese knives and he sharpens with a stone. I'm pretty sure that he'll sharpen any type of knife. He's very friendly and it's a unique little store.

      Anzen Hardware
      309 E 1st St
      Los Angeles, CA 90012
      (213) 628-7600

      Regarding the farmers' market sharpeners, be warned that they use electric grinders. They do a great job and the knives come back sharp but If you are really careful with your knife, this is a no no.

      1. Best knife sharpener I know of : The Electric Shaver Shop just off Sepulveda in Van Nuys. Did magical things with my knives, and I will now always go to him.

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          Hi Diana. Is it the one on Victory? I have to be out there on Saturday, so I am going to call to see if I can take them in then. How long do they take? I have a chef's knife, a utility knife and kitchen shears. Thanks!

          1. re: WildSwede

            Hi Swede,

            Yes, the Electric Shaver Shop is on Victory, a 1/2 block east of Sepulveda, next door to Lido's Pizza. They do a good job and should be able to get them back the next day. They always ask "When do you want 'em?".

            1. re: WildSwede

              Yep, it is (as said above) and I took four knives and got them back in 20 minutes! Of course, I had called ahead and asked, but I bet if you ask, they'll do it.

              Best Sharpening I've had, and I'll now go nowhere else.

              My cleaning lady had dropped my nice paring knife and broken off the tip, but the guy there put it to rights toot sweet! Looks like nothing ever happened and pares like a dream.

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                I will call them today since I will be in the valley on Saturday. Thank you both, Galen & Diana!!

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              I just got my knives done at Electric Shaver Shop (and had a wonderful house-made spaghetti with meat sauce - YES they make the pasta! while I waited) at Lido's next door. Seems like they did a great job. My 10" Chefs, a utility knife and my kitchen shears for $9. Not too shabby! Thanks Diana!

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                I like the linguini and clams at Lido's. Yummy!

              2. Ross Cutlery in Downtown.

                1. FYI - Sur La Table has free knife sharpening during April. There is a limit of 2 knives; additional knives are $1/inch. Never had a knife sharpened there, so I can't attest to how good they are, but I was just in the store the other day and saw the sign.


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                    never been satisfied with Sur la table's sharpening

                    I think Shaver Shop may be way cheaper, too! Plus, it's there all the time.

                    1. re: Queequeg

                      They use a Chefs Choice electric knife sharpener and they offer it as a relaively free service in order to promote that machine. I cannot recommend that service considering the affordable and superlative options around. And no offense to the sweet man at the Farmers' Market in Santa Monica but he has produced very poor work in my opinion.

                      Mom has used:

                      Standard Cutlery and Supply
                      9509 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA
                      (310) 276-7898

                      to very good results.

                      1. re: Queequeg

                        We tried Sur La Table in Pasadea last year, and were very unhappy with the result. I just discovered Ross Cutlery downtown, and I'm now in love. I was on jury duty last week at the Criminal Courts Building, so I dropped the knives off one morning at 9, then picked them up that afternoon. They charged $1 an inch, plus an extra dollar per knife for same-day service. They're incredible - better than new.

                        They're in the Bradbury Building, right across from the Grand Central Market - B'way at 3rd.

                        1. re: judybird

                          Yup, there's a reason why all those chefs go there.