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Apr 9, 2008 09:19 AM

New Japanese-Mexican Fusion Restaurant in Cedar Park

I just got back from Sushi Caliente, a new restaurant that opened in a strip mall in Cedar Park near the Wal-Mart. I'm a sushi traditionalist who normally eschews crazy maki rolls but I was really impressed by the menu creativity. Going against my tradition, I tried the:

Mariachi Roll - surimi, avocado, onions, manchego cheese, serrano pepper, caliente sauce


Dallas Roll - flamingo sauce, serrano pepper, cream cheese, avocado, and crab

Very, very different. I dig it.

I also tried some sashimi tuna and salmon which was sliced very thin and was quite good (although served a bit icy).

If your in Cedar Park, check it out:

Sushi Caliente

I think they deliver too

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Great, glad to hear your report on it! My friends and I, looking at the menu, sort of felt like they didn't quite go for it in the fusion sense (i.e., it seemed like they, for the most part, had your run-of-the-mill rolls and dishes, but threw in some jalapeno or some other spice factor). But, of course, this is just based on a cursory view of their offerings online, so it's nice to hear that the execution worked and you enjoyed it. I look forward to sampling it myself one of these days!

      1. My post from earlier this week:

        Well, everyone's perception is reality for them. I expected a full service establishment from what I've read. I was attracted to the menu and the location. The concept of Mexican / Japanese fusion is intriguing. I'm not saying that it's not worthwhile and that I won't give them a fair shake, just that it's not full service dining and there was no mention of that on any postings I've seen or their website. Most sushi spots are full service and have a somewhat traditional sushi bar. The best I could give Sushi Caliente is fast casual with absolutely NO ambiance. I made no mention of McDonald's and I guess I can see that you could jump to that conclusion so, for those who need it, thanks for clarifying.

        It simply did not meet my expectation for the occasion... that's all.

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        Rene Apr 07, 2008 10:41PM

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        1. re: Rene

          I understand, Rene. But honestly, I was impressed by the service. Since I went alone, ambiance was not a priority but quick service was. I like the unpretentious layout of the place, actually.

          I forgot to mention that the unagi was very tender and good.

          1. re: Austinfoodsnob

            I am over my disappointment and am ready to try it for the type of establishment it is. The website mentioned that they have beer and wine. Does anyone know if they carry Japanese beer and Mexican beer?

            1. re: Rene

              I honestly was not looking since I was there at lunch but they do have Mexican Cokes, but I would give them a call about the beer, The online menu does say Sake.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I'm kind of in shock of the previous posts. I went there a few weeks ago on a whim with a friend and we both agreed that it was one of, if not the, worst sushi experiences we're ever had! Yes, the service was nice and the prices were low, but the food was almost inedible! We got an order of fried gyoza, and two rolls (which I can't remember the names of). The gyoza were deep-fried, unlike any others I've ever had. This resulted in them being very very greasy. The two rolls were just bad. The fish didn't seem fresh, the rice was mushy and the seasonings were just strange. Cheese doesn't belong on sushi! My friend and I couldn't finish two rolls whereas normally we can eat several. It was subpar for any sushi establishment. HEB sushi beats it by a mile!

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