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Tastespotting Recipe Website

I just stumbled upon this website - www.tastespotting.com - am I the only one that has just heard of this site? It looks like a really great recipe site.

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  1. I've been reading Tastespotting since its inception. It's not really a recipe site, it is a site with photos from people's blogs and other internet sources. Lots of great food porn. The idea is to create a public repository of beautiful photos of food, and if you click on the photo it will take you to the story in which the photo was posted. Sometimes there is a recipe, other times the photo is from a story about a restaurant meal or a visit to a food shop. It's a great site, albeit a little heavy on the dessert photos. I find it great to see trends or get general ideas, although since the photos come from all over the world, you have to do some digging if eating seasonally is your goal (lots of tomatoes in December from posts on the southern side of the Equator!).

    1. Thanks for reminding me about this site, Lucienne. I had forgotten it existed (I am pretty sure I learned of it on here, many moons ago). It is really gorgeous to those of us who enjoy food porn :)

      1. It's an idea site for people who no longer really need recipes.
        I use it frequently for inspiration because the photos are fabulous and I always find something when I have that don't-feel-like-cooking-anything feeling.
        It links to blogs that sometimes have useful recipes but sometimes the description of the dish is all I need. I've got enough experience plus other cookbooks that I can take it from there.

        It is world-wide so the recipes are sometimes metric like the one I'm roughly following for tonight but that one is so basic that it was mostly inspiration anyway.
        I decided to try it because it was a slightly different method for a potato and leek gratin than the one I've used before - plus I have some leeks I want to use up.

        I like that it stays right on top of trends - if not ahead of them since its reach is global. It isn't the East Coast/West Coast stuff that American food is mired in that gets so tiresome. Always very, very fresh and energetic.

        This does not seem like a good source for beginning cooks or those who are "recipe slaves." Blog recipes are untested and not always reliable. I've gotten some real klunkers off the internet.
        The recipe I'm roughly following tonight even says flat out to adjust anything to your personal taste, leave it in the oven more or less time depending on how well done you like your potatoes, and keep it in the oven longer if you want it browned more.
        The blogger says: "It doesn't always work to follow a recipe slavishly to the letter." Now THAT would drive a lot of cooks NUTS.

        This has become my overall favorite food inspiration site and is also now the fave of my 20- and 30-something daughters. Covers a lot of territory. From the simple to the sublime.

        1. Oh my gosh .... First of all, I was like "food porn" ??? But after going to the website, I totally get it. Thanks so much for the link. (food porn.... hahahahhaha!)

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            i didn't mean to give you the wrong impression ;)

          2. Thanks for posting this link, i have already bookmarked several recipes to try and the photos etc are amazing ! Love this stuff.

            1. Wow! How is it that I never heard of that site. It's incredible. Thank you for bringing it up. I will be a frequent visitor.


              1. I love Tastespotting. I check it every few days to get inspired by the great variety of recipes and beautiful photos. I don't usually follow the recipes given on the blogs, it just gives me ideas, much like some of the inspirational threads on here about what people are making.

                1. Tastespotting was actually a big inspiration for me to start my own food blog. I had been toying with the idea for a while, but once I saw the concentrated efforts on display on Tastespotting, it kicked my interest into high gear. It's so much fun to find completely new ideas there.

                  1. Tastespotting is a terrific timesaver. The recipes contained there often address how to use ingredients I stumble upon at the market and don't know what to do with..the photos are helpful in figuring out how to accomplish a dish.

                    1. OMG! It's Gone! I don't know what I'm going to do. I've gotten thousands of visits to my blog by posting on this site.

                      I went there to day to post a recipe and picture and there is a note saying thank you to all, but due to legal complications, they are shut down.


                      1. foodgawker is a good place to go while we wait for tastespotting to reappear.


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                          I saw some posts on the disappearance of this site, and FYI, they're back. I'd never been, but 'food porn' is a good description.

                          What an amazing site. I do have trouble, though, with the gram conversion and disappointment at the recipes not in American English.

                          Good point on the inaccuracy of recipes, though. I made a peanut butter cookie that failed, but I turned it into a very good apple crisp.

                          Reader beware, but the photos are amazing. With an exclamation point!

                        2. thanks, i've seen it before, but am so happy to be reminded. it just inspired me to start a pumpkin-mania thread with this recipe for indian pumpkin kulfi! http://www.visionsofsugarplum.com/200...

                          edit: there is another pumpkin thread already: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5657...

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                            Anyone know what happened to tastespotting.com? I hope it's only a temporary absence, it is the best food site on the internet.

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                              I just logged on to it, and it's fine. Love that site.

                          2. OMG I was so sad when tastespotting disappeared. I'm so glad to see that its back!!!!!!!

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                              Quite a few websites had problems today. I called friends and family, with different net providers, and they couldn't connect to them either. Tastespotting,google,and many others. They're back up now, thank goodness. I was lost for awhile, lol!

                              1. re: Hanky

                                foreign cyberattacks, probably. (wow, that just gave me a little "1984" chill up my spine...). (remember how the enemy was suddenly the "other" group than just the day before?)

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                                Thanks Sarah! Fabulous! Found a great new deviled egg recipe that will convert me into trying them once again. i will post in another thread.

                              2. yeap, TasteSpotting's been back since...this whole time :)

                                1. I found tastespotting about a year ago. The photos are well done. Some of the recipes fail to include all ingredients, so its a little confusing. I also look at foodgawkers and photograzing. I like tastespotting because I can use the search engine for a quick reference for an item I am interested to cook the same day.

                                  1. I used to read Tastespotting all the time but now I have been reading Foodgawker. I agree. They are fabulous. I check it everyday and enjoy the ideas.