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Apr 9, 2008 09:07 AM

Looking for Kosher Meat Shop Selling Kosher Breast of Lamb for Pesach?


I am looking for a kosher meat market in Manhattan or Brooklyn selling kosher breast of lamb. It's needed for Pesach. Does anyone know of any places? I am looking for freshness, good prices, and preferably a store that can ship the meat out of state. Anyone who can offer information, it is very helpful!

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  1. Glatt Mart has very good lamb. I usually buy a whole lamb from them every Pesach, and they cut it up how I want. Last year I paid $5.50 a pound, not sure of the price this year as I am away. Prices for individual cuts will be higher, but their lamb is very good. Not sure if they do shipping.
    Have heard Park East Butcher is good, however, they seem expensive, and I have not shopped there, so cannot comment directly. Do a google search for them and you will get to their website.

    1. Ashlenazim don't eat lamb on Pesach because the temple is not standing. I admit that my appetite for lamb increases as Passover approaches.

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        Well, that's not quite true. I would say that many don't eat roasted meat for the sederim. Some don't even eat roasted fowl for the sederim. I don't eat roasted lamb for the sederim (though I would eat a standing rib roast). But I would eat lamb stew, or braised shanks, or the like. The issue is that there should be no question that this is not the Paschal Offering. In the seder, matzoh is substituted for the korban Pesach, and for the meal, we no longer eat the korban Pesach, so we want to make it perfectly clear that we know that what we're eating isn't that. But there's plenty of leeway, unless you're R. Blumenkrantz (obm). Interesting how the Sephardim go out of their way to try to have something reminiscent of the korban Pesach, whereas the Ashkenazim are afraid of their ability to draw the line.

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          I am Sephard, and our minhag has been to always have lamb on Pesach. In fact the Zeroah or shankbone that we use consists of a lamb shank that is unbroken at the first joint and probably weighs 3 - 4 lbs. This is boiled to threequarters cooked, I guess to avoid any connotation of roasted meat. Then when we eat it on the second night of Pesach, it is finished/roasted in the oven.

      2. Glatt Mark on Kings Highway between E.11 and E.10th (Right past Coney Island) You have to ask for it. I bought it about a month ago. They sell it bulk frozen, something like 3 dollars a pound. My package was about 6-7 pounds.

        It's already de-boned and cleaned. Makes great lamby bacon.