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Apr 9, 2008 09:05 AM

Best Chinese food in South Nassau


What are some of the Better Chinese restaurants in South Nassau. I am interested in eat in and takeout places.


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  1. Derek; Don't forget that no response is an answer also to your request.

    1. Good Chinese on Long Island are hard to come by, both North and South Shore. I am not sure where you would consider Levittown. Depending on what area of the south shore you are, it could be relatively close, but if you are in the 5 towns, it's not. Fortune Wheel in Levittown is excellent IMHO. I love their dim sum, although some have had experiences not as good as all of mine there have been.

      1. The general recommendation is The Orient in Bethpage.

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            i think the orient is considered the best on long island.we like it a lot.we've brought folks there who thought it was the closest to flushing and chinatown in the area.we got some amazing huge broiled oysters with black bean sauce and shark fin soup there.the soup was pricey but we had to try it.

          2. re: Scott_R

            My opinion is that the Orient is the best in Nassau and Suffolk. It is in central Nassau county.

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              Hi Everyone,

              Thank you for all of your replies. I have been to Fortune Wheel and I really liked the food. My wife and I will try Orient next. Sounds like a great place.


          3. Chef Zong in Bethpage is pretty good also

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            1. re: albee

              Went to Chef Zong last Saturday. Had pork juicy buns (soup dumplings) that were fantastic! Reminiscent of "Goody's" Rego Park Queens. The Lions Head casserole was great as well. Ma Po Dofu with request of Ma La was good but not great. Can this be the only soup dumpling on LI? All this for less than $30.

              1. re: phantomdoc

                Also went to Zong's Saturday. Soup dumplings were the best part of the meal. Everything else was just OK. I have been a huge fan since they opened. Not sure what's happening. Portions are smaller on bigger plates. Service sucked and it seemed like Kevin was more excited about us trying his Mai Tai then offering good suggestions on or off the menu. Place was super busy. Great for him, not for us. The only other place that I know of for soup dumplings is Shanghai Pavillion in Port Washington.