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Where can I buy guar gum and xanthan gum locally?

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Will use an online store if necessary, but would prefer to buy locally in NYC.

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  1. I've seen both at Westerly Foods on 54th and 8th, but pretty much any decent sized natural foods store should have them. Whole Foods might even carry them.

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      Thanks. I was able to find both of them at Westerly, plus some other stuff I needed. (No thanks to the store clerks, who initially couldn't find the guar gum and who told me flat out that they don't carry xanthan gum, which they do).

      1. re: racer x

        The clerks at Westerly SUCK. I went there looking for Xanthan gum and was told they didn't carry it, which I knew could not be right. So I poked around and found it without too much trouble. When I showed the clerk that they do indeed carry it, she was totally rude and told me that that wasn't what I asked for. Hm. I don't know of many other words that sound like "xanthan," but whatever.

        1. re: biondanonima

          Wow. I've only had pleasant experiences at Westerly. I once was looking for amazake, and all the clerks were consulting with each other about whether they had it or even discussing as to what it was. Though I haven't gone there asking for xanthan gum. They probably thought it was gum like Juicy Fruit.