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Apr 9, 2008 08:54 AM

Homebrewed Beer Bash Food Ideas


my husband is quite the homebrewer and on saturday night we are throwing open the doors of our home, porch and patio to a flood of people to sample six of his beers, which are absolutely amazing i have to tell you. but here's the problem - i am a lunatic cook and would happily spend three days slaving over a hot stove making appetizers but chris (hubby/homebrewer) says he wants the beer to stand on its own. i told him that's just utterly ridiculous because you cannot get a bunch of people over drinking in quantity without feeding them so he's now "allowed" me to make a few appetizers and to encourage our friends to bring them as well. :)

i am making a ton of quesadillas, having some retro stuff like chips and lipton's onion soup dip (because, god help me, people seem to love that crap) but need a few more ideas to feed a crowd of beer drinkers. bear in mind - i can't look too good or i will overshadow the brew king - so the simpler the better!


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  1. I'm a member of one of the country's largest home brew clubs (Brewers United for Real Potables) and people bring plenty of complex food to our monthly meetings. You do need food to go with the beer. We regularly see hummos, 9-layer dip, and the like, but we also have cheese plates, sausage platters, roast turkey, chili, and fruit-stuffed pork loins.

    If you have access to good farmed mussels, our crowd goes wild for Belgian-style moule and they are insanely easy to make. You can use one of his lighter, less hoppy beers in the steamer, and make sure you have crusty bread to soak up the juices.

    1. What types of beers are you serving? Lagers or ales? Hoppy, malty, barleywine-style? It makes a difference if you really want to go crazy with the pairings.

      Chimay cheese pairs beautifully with Beligian abbey-style ales. Chocolate-based treats are good with porters and stouts.

      This sounds like fun!

      1. One of my favorite dips is very easy to make and would allow you to step up the onion soup mix dip a bit. I caramelize a good amount of onions, salt and pepper them, and sometimes deglaze with a touch of white wine. Then, I either stir or blend (depending on whether I feel like chunks of onion or not) with cream cheese and a touch of sour cream. It's all done to taste, but is really delicious and an improvement on the mix stuff.