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Apr 9, 2008 08:48 AM

What is your favorite go to spice besides s&p?

Mine would have to be dried sage, I put it in almost everything I cook. 2nd choice would be dried thyme.

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  1. Mine is a locally made blend of garlic, pepper , salt and ? Although somedays it's a southwestern blend from Megan's Pantry. Nice to add a little heat to ordinary food.

    1. Cumin. It can't go in everything, but it can go in a lot. Soup, eggs, chili, much Mexican and Indian food. Unfortunately, my husband hates it so I use it less than I used to. Sometimes I just warn him 'This has lots of cumin. You will want to eat something else' :)

      I also use a fair amount of thyme, usually in small amounts. I find it adds a nice earthiness to the background flavor. Good for rounding out soups and such.

      (Not spices, but fresh cilantro, garlic (duh), and lime are the other seasonings I use a lot. I would use ginger more, but my husband really hates that. The warnings go double here.)

      My cooking tends towards Latin American, Indian, and East Asian.

      I rarely use sage. Stuffing and brown butter are pretty much all I put it in and I hardly ever make those. I guess I should expand!

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        Cooking predominantly Latin American and Indian food, I can see how you use a lot of cumin. I've found that a lot of people I know hate cumin like your husband. Just don't really understand why. My dad likes to everything. But if it has cumin, he won't touch it. When I was younger he would get pissed at me for making food with cumin in it.

        To answer the OP's question, I really don't think there's a dried spice that I use more than another. But garlic is used in virtually everything I make.

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          quate your husband sounds like mine, he doesn't like cumin or ginger which I like both of them. Funny you say you should expand....It has just been in the last few months that I have picked up on using different spices in my cooking. I just don't even tell my husband anymore what is in most dishes. He hates tomato soup but I still put it in my beef stew and he raves over the stew...He has no clue and I am not going to tell him either. He would rather survive on boxed mac and cheese or something out of a can but I cook real food every weekend when he is at home and he eats it!

        2. Probably creole seasoning from Paul Prudhomme; after that, thyme.

          1. If herbs count, then parsley and basil. I usually put parsley in just about everything savory I make. And I use basil all the time and I substitute it for mint.

            1. Spices only, or are herbs permitted? I don't use dried herbs very often, but other than salt and pepper my third most popular addition in the herb and spice family is fresh flat leaf parsley. If limited to spices only, it would have to be nutmeg or red pepper flakes.