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Jun 27, 2002 08:04 PM

Duck Foie Gras and gascon food.

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This weekend Brasserie des Artistes is still offering its Gascony regional menu (they appear to change every month). While it's not a temple of gastronomy, I like the place. And they offer duck foie gras special + a salade with some duck foie gras pate (also duck giblets). Went last week and had the $45 tasting menu which includes two glasses of gascon wine and a glass of Armagnac. I found it a good value.
The restaurant is located at the corner of Wilshire and San Vicente (not the brentwood one, the la one near La Cienega).
Just a suggestion

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  1. Just don't kid yourself that this is anything like French food and you'll be ok.

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    1. re: mc michael

      Spent an abyssmal evening there with my favorite nephew when it first opened - thought I had found such a find to go with him when he came into town. Not very good food and the maitre d spent most of his time being overly charming to the nephew - hey what about some service here? Never went back (the food tasted as though it had been previously prepared and reheated).

    2. If you like Gascon food and ever venture to New York, then you should try Dartagnan, a restaurant specializing in that region with lots of duck, fois gras, armagnac etc on the menu.

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      1. re: Aaron Tell

        I love Gascon food and yes, I have been to D'Artagnan in NYC. Sadly, there is no LA equivalent.

        1. re: tissue

          Even though a few people here don't like the place, give B des A a try. I like it fine.
          And there's also a place called Gascogne I think on eighth ave. that also spec. in duck liver (foie gras and otherwise) and armagnac.