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Apr 9, 2008 08:40 AM

graduation party for 20 peoples

On Saturday May 17 my wife will be graduate after 5 years in school youpppiiii !
I try to find a place to eat for dinner 20 peoples not too expensive who we can enjoy a good food with a good ambiance any idea ?
thank you for your suggestion

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  1. What city??

    Also, can you also be more specific about how much per person you want to spend, so that others can better answer your request? Your idea of not too expensive may not be the same as other people's idea.


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    1. re: DebitNM

      Las Vegas I think $ 40 to 50 maximun by person thank you Deb for the hint .

      1. re: bruno89

        N9ne steakhouse is a fun atmosphere with great steaks...try the surf and turf--a filet mignon topped with lobster and served in balsamic vinegar. To die for!

        1. re: Mahilover

          N9ne is excellent; but, the cost is very much over the $40-50 per person limit (steaks a la carte are $45-50 a piece).