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Apr 9, 2008 08:28 AM

MSP: Where can I buy short ribs?

Hey hounds - I'm cooking for 10 people this Saturday and have never bought short ribs before but also can't remember seeing them anywhere. Does anyone have a recommendation on where to buy them in Minneapolis? I know I could just call my local coop and ask them, but this is my first stop.

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  1. My local Cub usually has them - generally with the "ethnic" meats like pigs feet, etc.

    1. ready meats

      Ready Meats
      3550 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

      1. I primarily buy short ribs when making kalbi (korean bbq short ribs) so my grocer of choice is Dong Yang which is a korean grocery store in Columbia Heights.

        1. Your first decision to make is what cut of short ribs do you want-- flanken style (like Korean, flat and long, with about 3 ribs per piece of meat), or the other kind (I think they're called English, or short cut, where they are fatter and you get one rib per piece of meat). You can also get boneless at Costco. The flanken style are easier to find- Korean stores, Cub, Rainbow all have them. We tried to find "the other kind" since that is the way we prefer, and we found that the Kowalski's in Uptown was showing the flanken style but upon hearing our discussion, the butcher there offered to cut the ribs the way we wanted, since they get the primal cuts and butcher them themselves. Any place that gets primal cuts could do it-- I was just so impressed that the Kowalski's guy offered.

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            I'm making Braised Short Ribs with Horseradish Gremolata (Brasato al Barolo). It's a Mario Batali recipe found here:

            the recipe calls for four 16-ounce beef short ribs (it serves 4 people). the author's note on the blog says:

            "We use beef short ribs for this dish and it works out great. You could just as easily use brisket or blade, but I prefer the richness of the ribs. Have your butcher cut between and along the length of the bone. The most important step here is the initial browning; do not shorten it or the final braise will not be as intensely flavored or colored."

            any suggestions on what cut to ask for? i can certainly call kowalski's and ask the butcher there for that cut, right?

            1. re: Pip

              That's the "other kind" of cut. If you tell the butcher you want it cut between each bone so there's one bone per serving, you'll get it done the right way.

              1. re: cheeseguysgirl

                thanks so much! I just called Kowalski's in Uptown and talked to the butcher. he knows what i'm doing with it, for how many people, and i asked him specifically to cut it between each bone so there's one bone per serving.

                everything is easier when you go to the people who know. thanks, hounds!

          2. Clancey's will also cut to order. I once had them debone the short ribs but retain enough meat to keep the piece whole, so that I could roll it up and braise them in an ancho chile sauce...they were extremely accommodating ...


            Clancey's Meats & Fish
            4307 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410