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Apr 9, 2008 08:14 AM

Substituting Matzo Farfel for Matzo Sheets

I think I over-purchased Farfel this year. Was hoping to substitute it into recipes that call for whole sheet matzo, either broken up or soaked in water. Does anyone have a reliable substitution. Is a sheet a third of a cup, a quarter cup, half a cup? Any ideas?

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  1. My only idea is to take a sheet of matzo and break it up and measure it.

    Since farfel is generally more expensive than sheet matzah, I don't buy the stuff, and just break up matzahs for recipes calling for farfel. Just reverse the process to get your quantity measurement.

    1. I got a little over 1 cup of matzo "farfel" when I broke up two sheets of matzo.
      I found a lot of matzo farfel recipes online, pizza and mac and cheese, that are a bit more kid-friendly than the traditional pesach fare.