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Apr 9, 2008 08:04 AM

Monday night in Providence?

we're coming down on the upcoming Monday holiday and are looking for dining options. we've been to XO a few times and really liked the vibe and the food. we'd be looking for upscale New-American, Seafood or maybe Northern Italian (i.e. not a red sauce joint). a decent bar would be a great plus as we usually prefer dining at the bar over table service. i've read Good Things about 10 Steak and Sushi but the online menu really didn't trip my trigger.

any thoughts or recent experiences?


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  1. I haven't been to Cafe Nuovo in a couple of years but have heard good things w/in the last 6 mo or so from coworkers.

    I'd highly recommend Siena.

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    1. re: JaneRI

      Cafe Nuovo looks to be what i'm looking for. anyone have any recent experiences there?

    2. i would suggest local 121, beautiful atmosphere, local ingredients and their specialty drinks are alway different and very tasty.

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      1. re: esmith43

        i like the idea of 121 but the menu looks a little limited and the only DR photo on their website isn't selling the place as Hip.

        1. re: ScubaSteve

          121 is exquisite, sort of elegant/retro. The food has been spotty in the past but recent reports have been very positive; they may have sorted it all out now. (They only opened in early fall).

          I second Jane's rec for Siena. I had a meal at the bar there with a friend not too long ago and it was fantastic; the crowd was very friendly, a great vibe to it. The calamari was especially good.

          I'd also recommend Zooma on Federal Hill. They have a bar/lounge area up front with a great menu. They make a nice drink there as well.

          1. re: dagwood

            Early on in Local 121's life, we dined at the bar and thought it was fantastic. A later visit with table service revealed more unevenness but that night at the bar really stood out - food was very good and it's a fantastic bar, really stellar in ambiance and fixtures. I'd totally go back to 121 for a bar meal but would have to have my arm twisted to eat at a table, because the bar has enough charm to overcome any "eh" in the food.

            1. re: dagwood

              zooma is highly underrated - the purple walls clash with the vibrant orange panels in the bar area, making it arguable the ugliest on the hill or in the state - but there's an open kitchen and dining area in the back to offset it. i've heard that the chef's chops come via mario batali, and the quality of the menu would seem support it.

              1. re: sk3

                i actually hate to discuss it, as I like that it's not rammed, but my Monday night jam is Pane E Vino on Atwells-- food is usually quite good (not great but really, really good) and the WHOLE wine list is 50% off, I've had some absolutely tremendous bottles without breaking the bank....service good, always a nice evening...

        2. Try Mills tavern. Great food and service.

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          1. re: cherylb

            I would suggest in the order of descending preference: Zooma, Siena, and Parkside. I would definitely stay away from Local 121. I've heard great things about Pane E Vino but have not yet tried it.

            1. re: sashimi73

              I know I've mentioned it a thousand times already, but Pane e Vino's entire wine list is 50% off every Monday. Don't know if you're a wine drinker or not, Scuba, but the (100% Italian) list is quite good if you are.

          2. New Rivers is my Monday night goto. Great Food, excellent service.