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Apr 9, 2008 07:31 AM

Friday Night Pre-Theater

Going to see Third at the Suzanne Roberts Theater on Broad Street Friday night. I'm considering Cafe Ernesto 1521 and Prima Donna Trattoria. Any thoughts? I know CHers will suggest La Viola and Estia -- been there, done that. What else should I consider in that neighborhood? As always, many thanks.

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  1. I would definitely recommend Cafe Ernesto 1521. I have been there many times for the theater/orchestra and always enjoyed it. Went to Prima Donna Trattoria once and it wasn't very good.

    1. We like Branzino, on 17th just above Spruce. I would allow more time there, many things are cooked to order.

      For fish, not upscale like Estia, we enjoy McCormick & Schmicks - good fresh oysters, plentiful fish platters. If you can't walk far, you can cross Broad St. and hop a bus.

      Friends recently enjoyed Warsaw Cafe, for something different.

      Haven't been for a while, but we like Valanni, on Spruce between 12th and 13th. They have both small plates and regular entrees. Mediterranean.

      A little more upscale but always good is Capital Grille.

      Prima Donna has not been good. Service gets poor toward the end of your dinner. My husband's fish was drowned in oil; he won't go back.

      Ernesto is pleasant, good service, cheerful - I find the food bland and sometimes overcooked. Many people enjoy it, and the people are certainly nice.

      For Japanese, we like Shiroi Hana - prompt service, pleasant and serene, has a bar.

      We tried Misso - food was very good, but everything took hours. They need to get their act together. We haven't tried the other new Japanese places.

      Mercato has great food - byob - but is crowded and noisy. If you don't mind that and can get a reservation, it's one of the best byob's.

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        Valanni was quite good last weekend.

        I also like Sotto Varalli across from the Academy.

      2. Went to Prima Donna for pre-theater dinner a few nights ago, and to be honest, it was horrible. From terrible service to food just "not that good!" I was severly disappointed as the place came highly recommended. Overall, it was our first and last trip there!

        1. Are you open to other cuisines?