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Apr 9, 2008 07:09 AM

ROMA Ristorante ...has been visited by RM

Yes, they have 'tarted up' one of my ever reliable Pizza places....looks rather nice in a 'lounge-y type' setting...totally different from the old 'homey neighbourhood' place it used to be. The Menu remains the same...with a 'twist'....The R.M. folks shortened the Menu which I understand is what they do but our 'favourite' waiter Jack says they are still being asked for the 'old favourites/menu' so patrons are given both ...he says their 'regulars' don't want to know about anything new...they seem to appreciate the new decor. It's clean and modern looking, didn't check the Bathrooms (?) is obviously done 'cheaply'...more gloss than substance BUT clean is good! The PIZZA was as good as always, didn't order 'mains' as Pizza and salad is our usual order.

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  1. I'm curious, what old favourites did the genius RM chef strike off his/her new, better, menu?

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      As I said earlier we just go for Pizza and the Roma Salad and I didn't even look to see what they removed from the previous time we go I'll have a better look unless another CH goes and reports back before we return.

    2. Change the name of the place and the food they serve and you've just made a post that could do for any place that RM has visited.


      1. Finally had a chance to try Roma. Almost everyone had pasta, which might have been a mistake, because the food was not great. Perhaps pizza is the way to go at Roma.

        The lasagne, spaghetti with meatballs, and mushroom risotto all had the same tomato sauce. Half of the seafood in my seafood pasta tasted like wet dirt. The Roma salad was iceberg lettuce drenched in vinaigrette with some avocado slices, sun dried tomatoes, sliced peppers, and waxy black olives.

        Since I hadn't been before, I'm not sure what the twist on the menu would be. They offered sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, and a few mains. The espresso was good, the desserts were tartufo and those outsourced cakes. The staff were friendly and it had a nice neighbourhood vibe, but I think we took the wrong approach. Pizza, if we ever go again.