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Apr 9, 2008 07:02 AM

ISO Non-Dairy Cake for Birthday


I'm looking to buy a non-dairy cake for my friend's birthday on Friday. Normally I would happily bake one for her, but due to a heavy workload at the office this week, sadly I just don't have the time.

Any thoughts on where in Toronto to get a nice non-dairy cake? It's not an allergy, it's a health diet choice and not super-strict, so if there were milk proteins in one of the ingredients etc, that's acceptable. Neither is she vegan, so eggs are fine.

Has anyone had a nice, tasty cake without milk or butter?

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  1. Dessert Trends on Harbord makes cakes to order. I believe they can accomodate requests like this.

    1. I heard over the weekend that Pusateri's has a killer dairy-free chocolate cake.

      1. I think Cakes By Robert does dairy free cakes. I buy most of my cakes from there because they're also nut free. Cakes are always fresh and moist. They're in Thornhill.

        Cakes By Robert

        1. The dairyfree chocolate cake from the bakery at Whole Foods is really good. I usually grab one of those if I'm in a pinch. My favourite chocolate & carrot cakes are from Sweets From The Earth (you can get them at Fresh, Summerhill, Carrot Common or Noah's).

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            Yes, the vegan chocolate cake from Sweets From the Earth is fantastic! Highly, highly recommended! It's actually one of my favourite chocolate cakes around, vegan or not. I was actually surprised to learn the cake was vegan -- the texture is unlike other vegan cakes I've had, that are often dry and/or not cake-like at all, and it's not as sweet as other vegan cakes that I suspect are just trying to hide the tofu flavour with sugar. The Sweets From the Earth one, however, is like eating a moist, rich cake (as opposed to a fluffy sponge cake) and it's not overly sweet. I'm craving it now.... mmmm....

          2. Thanks everyone. I called Pusateri's and found the Sweets From the Earth chocolate cake and it was a hit. I agree, delicious. If it was served to me, I would never have guessed it was vegan.

            I decorated it with some gorgeous strawberries and they went beautifully with the "creamy" chocolate icing. Yum!

            The staff at the bakery counter also recommended the vegan blueberry cheesecake, in case anyone is looking for a non-chocolate option.