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Who's selling mangosteen?

Apparently irradiated mangosteens are on sale (legally) in NYC. Where can I get some in Boston?

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  1. I haven't seen any yet in Battambang (Lowell), Super 88 (Allston or Washington St) or Kam Man. But Mangosteens are my favorite SEA fruit, so I'll keep looking....I can't remeber, do they have a season?

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      I don't think it is quite the season, I just returned from SEA an they kept saying I had to wait a few more months to get the good stuff. I did manage to purchase a few while there.

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        It is in season along with Durians in south east asia. The chinese find them to be like yin yang counterparts...the durians being 'heaty' and the mangosteen being 'cooling'.

    2. I LOVE mangosteen and usually have to rely on contraband from Canada or sometimes even HK. I have heard that they were banned in the US (with attempts at getting them unbanned). Can we get them now legally??

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        Like Luther, I've heard (read) that they could now be brought in legally, but I've yet to see any in a market.

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          The NY times says that they're available in NYC at stores including Dean & Deluca. It was a similar situation with Indian mangos last year, but for those there were Indian stores you could be sure would sell it.

        2. Baldor, a produce company in NYC with a warehouse in Boston, brings them into the country when available. They are not stocked, and most are presold. You could try going to, or calling, Chelsea and speaking with someone there.


          1. I have heard that they are delicious but I have yet to try one. What do they look like? What do they taste like and are they similar to other Asian fruits ?

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              They are usually small and round (about the size of my fist) with a few rounded hard leaves on top and a deep purple skin, though I hear the outer skin can vary in shade from pinkish red to purple. The skin is quite thick, and when you peel it off, the flesh is usually white (again I hear color may vary) and can be broken into tiny segments much like an orange. The taste is subtly sweet and tangy, unlike any other fruit I've ever had. They are absolutely divine, in my opinion, and hands down my favorite fruit. It's just too bad I don't have them very often. I was hooked after one taste. I must scour Chinese markets weekly now lest I miss them.

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                kobuta OMG you made my mouth water and my curiosity even stronger. Thank you for enlightening me to the joys of mangosteen. Is someone does find them please let us know.Thanks also ScubaSteve.

              2. Haven't seen any, but would be interested.

                Changing the subject somewhat... does anyone have tips (where/when) on finding GOOD rambutans? I have occasionally found vibrant-looking, fresh ones at Russos in approx August. Once in a while I've seen them at WF Alewife and TJs in Cambridge, but at both those places, typically shrivelled dark specimens that looked worse for the wear. I suspect the turnover is too low for something so perishable.

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                  I'd try Stop 'n Shop on Pleasant Street in Malden.

                2. I haven't seen them around. Did so in NYC last summer and got really excited. However, I was wary to spend so much money on them because when I was in Spain last summer, I bought about 3 mangosteens and 2 of the 3 were bad (and you couldn't tell from the outside). However, the one that was good was a-mazing! I suspect they were frozen before or something..not sure of the science behind it. Just be cautious when purchasing but do post when you find any in the area!

                  1. Not quite the same but Trader Joe's carries freeze-dried mangosteen and rambutan.

                    1. I have a fresh mangosteen shipment from Thailand arriving in Boston this Thursday for my personal consumption. The wholesale price is $5/lb plus shipping for the 15 pound box.

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                        Where/how did you do this? Can we work out a deal so I can get some next time too? haha

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                          Just saw some mangosteens at kim man supermarket in Quincy. They are at the frig at the far left of the store... :)

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                            Are you sure they're fresh or in the frozen section??? I ate fresh ones in Cali 2wks ago so I know they're in season.

                            Frozen should be at least $1/lb and fresh should be at least $5/lb. This year I bought and ate a hundred pounds of these fresh ones in Toronto, Montreal, Atlanta, Santa Ana, San Jose, plus shipped here to Boston; but they never have been stored in the fridge. Make sure you know how to pick it or you'll waste a lot of money on spoiled or unriped fruit. I'm gonna head over there for 20 pounds tomorrow if it's fresh.

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                              Frozen. It cann't compare to the fresh one... It is still okay.. But not the best.

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                                How much were they? The frozen one at HMart in Atlanta was 99 cents a pound.

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                                  They are in a bag (~ 8-10 mangoteens) about $6.5 per bag

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                                In season? Mangosteen season isn't until June right after durian season is over. You can get them year round in Thailand, but they don't compare at all with the ones that are at their peak. They're better than frozen, I guess.

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                                  Yes they're in season maybe from Australia. Thailand makes up 70% of the shipment but there are other sources. I just had them in Westminster 2 weeks ago.

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                                    I just ate 30 fresh mangosteen shipped over from Cali and they were labeled from Thailand. I wasn't satisfied so went to a Viet market on Dorchester Ave and ask the owner why they don't carry them; she said her wholesale cost is higher than mine shipped over. I guess we Bostonian will continue to be deprived of fresh mangosteen:(