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Apr 9, 2008 02:46 AM

Anyone have experience with Frigidaire ranges?

Looking to spend my government rebate and was thinking of a new kitchen range. Looking to spend under $1000. Was looking at this model. Also...what the advantage of not having a dash board on the back of the range....a "slide in range"? Thanks, Richie

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  1. I've been thinking about a new range too. I think the thing you have to watch the most with the "dashboard" on the back is the amount of overhang over the back burners. A lot of people have stated on other threads here on CH that those overhangs sometimes make the back burners almost unusable for all intents and purposes because most decent sized pots won't fit on them. I like the idea of SOME kind of back on the range (I think mostly because it's what I'm used to,) but when I can afford a new range I think I'm going to look at American or one of those similar ranges with the flat back (no overhang).

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      I kinda like the dashboard because it helps with grease spatter against the back wall near the range. But, I also like the look without a dashboard too!

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        Yeah, that's why i like the back too - the cleanliness thing. But then I've never actually seen a slide in range in use. Are they typically caulked in or something like that? Because otherwise I don't see what's stopping a big mess from forming behind there. Yuck.

    2. I have been looking at awful lot of places that are for sale lately. Seems the me that TREMENDOUS numbers of flippers and new condo builders have gone with Frigidaire because it about THE CHEAPEST WAY to get a "stainless appliance package".

      Now I don't have direct experience with the repair record or performance of Frigidaire, but from where I sit the "low price" probably comes with some negatives... I suspect quite a few folks that buy these places will be interested in upgrading before too long.

      As to slide-in ranges they are kind of must in an island, pretty much no one want an island range that sticks up. They can work fine in regular installation toward a wall too. Typically the build out of the cabinet/countertop has to be a within 1/8" to avoid a dirt trapping gap. Some cabinet companies have special stock cabinets with the cleats( reinforcements) for a slide range to sit on and maybe a small drawer under the range. The range top generally is not truly flush with the finish countertop and it does not get caulked in, though if you did so you'd need a heat resistant caulk.You will want a heat-resistant backsplash treatment, the "quilted" SS is popular but some folks like stone or tile too. I don't think there would be a code requirement to have anything other than drywall, the output of these things ought not be an issue. If you did only have drywall back there it will take a lot of abuse from steam, bumped pots, cooking splatters.

      1. I can't speak to your range problem, but we bought a new Frigidaire 24" built in gas oven in December to replace a similar oven. It was a piece of crap, with many problems. The hinges were weak and began to bend almost immediately after heating. The doors didn't close properly, etc. Between Dec. 1 and March 1 we had the servicemen out 6 times. Each time they made it worse, and Frigidaire didn't want to do anything about it. Finally we found a repair guy who declared it a loss, and Frigidaire replaced it with the same model. If I had it to do over again, I would spend the extra money to buy another brand. We had a lot of grief. That's my story.

        1. I have this 40-inch range (it's actually Kenmore, but I believe it's a rebranded Frigidaire as it's exactly the same):

          I've had it for almost 2 years and haven't had many problems with it. It's easy to clean, oven temps are consistent, and nothing's broken yet. The door hinges are still strong, I can still see through the glass window. One burner occasionally has trouble with the pilot, but that's about it.

          However, I can attest that the "dashboard" makes it hard to stick the stockpot on the back burners. Any other pots and pans are fine, but the stockpot fits better on the front (which is where the higher btu burners are, anyway). My oval dutch oven fits perfectly on the back burners.

          I didn't buy this range for the ss look, however. I wanted a dual-fuel, double oven range that was larger than the standard 30" (the old one was 36" and the space was built for that - we took out the slim cabinet to make room for the 40") but I didn't want to bump up to the $5000 price range. This one fit the bill and I've been happy with it. I'm sure you could do better with higher-end brands, but I'm also positive you could do a lot worse.

          A note about the range you've picked: it looks like it's dual fuel (elec oven, gas range). If you're replacing an all-gas range, make sure you have the correct electrical outlet to accomodate the duel fuel connection. I had to install a new outlet for mine as the house didn't already have it.

          1. Have that model with the 5 burners, and the convection oven in my kitchen. After 2+ years so far so good. When I was outfitting my kitchen a couple of years ago it was the range that packed the most bang for the buck(5 burners & convection)